Worst Cooks in America Season 10 Contender Overview


Anne Burrell and Rachel Ray

Daniel Mar-WINNER!!!

Stephen HawkinsSENT HOME 1/6/17

Adam CookeSENT HOME 2/20/17

Ann OdogwuSENT HOME 2/13/17 but saved by Rachel. CAME IN SECOND PLACE!

Brittany LenoreSENT HOME 2/20/17

Buffy Mykkanen-SENT HOME 1/6/17

Cedrick Miller-sent home first episode 1/1/17

Jake MichaelsSENT HOME 1/15/17

Jeff West-SENT HOME 2/13/17

Jetta Linda Ostrofsky-SENT HOME 1/16/17

Kayla KurtzSENT HOME 1/22/17-saved by Ann. Sent home again, this time for good, on 1/29/17.

Laura DockerSENT HOME 2/27/17

Lester Turchin-sent home first episode 1/1/17

Mandy Thornton-SENT HOME 2/27/17

Maria Marcello-sent home on Superbowl sandwich challenge on 1/29/17

Matt JosephsSENT HOE 1/22/17