Project Runway Season 15 Contender Over View

Tasha Handerson, 33, from Shrevesport, Louisiana. Tends to overthink things.SENT HOME 10/20/16

Sarah Donofrio, 34 from Portland, Oregon. Has to avoid designing for what sells as opposed to a design ethic.

Roberi Parra, 32 from Miami. Researches too much. SECOND PLACE FOR SEASON 15

Rik Villa31, from Los Angeles, tends to over-design. FOURTH PLACE FOR SEASON 15

Cornelius Ortez, 24, from Boston, weak on plus-sized clothing. SENT HOME 11/3/16-saved with Tim Gunn save. SENT HOME BEFORE FINAL FOUR 12/8/16.

Nathalia Jmag, 23, from Framingham, Mass. Has problems designing gowns.SENT HOME 11/17/196

Mah-Jing Wong, 28 from Philly. Doesn’t think he has any design weaknesses. SENT HOME 12/2/16.

Linda Marcus, 55 from Milwaukee. Not traditionally trained. SENT HOME 9/22/16.

Laurence Basse, 41 from Los Angeles, has issues with timing. THIRD PLACE SEASON 15.

Kimber Richardson, 42, from New York. Does not like to sketch. SENHT HOME 9/29/16.

Jenni Riccetti, 22 from San Francisco. Time management issues. SENT HOME 11/10/16.

Erin Robertson, 29, from Cambridge, Mass. another with time management issues. WINNER SEASON 15

Dexter Simmons, 32, from Oakland, California, can work it on the fly. SENT HOME 11/17/16.

Brik Allen, 26, from Louisiana, hates wrestling.SENT HOME 10/27/16

Alex Snyder, 30, San Francisco, loves vests. SENT HOME ON TEAM DESIGN CHALLENGE 10/14/16.

Ian Hargrove, 30, Chicago, has problems hand sewing. SENT HOME FIRST EPISODE.