Hometown dates assigned as Bachelorette Rachel’s Season 13 continues on.

There are four left on Bachelorette Rachel’s season and the home towns await. I choose a likely candidate for Rachel and explain why it might not work.

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Airs on ABC on Monday nights at 8pm

There were six contenders left when this season began and on this episode Rachel culled them down to four.

The group is still in Europe, in Switzerland on this episode. Rachel arranged three one on one dates and she gave them all a rose.

Bryan is 37 years, a Chiropractor. Bryan has had Rachel’s eye since this series began.

Dean is 26 years old, a bit young for Rachel. He told Rachel his family was nuts. I can’t wait to meet Rachel’s family.

Peter is 31 years old and has his own business.

For the group date, Rachel talked with Adam, Matt and Eric.

Rachel only kept Eric around.

I was shocked when Eric put down my home town of Baltimore.

Well not really. Baltimore’s a mess now, I know this. And further, don’t tell anybody I said this, but Rachel’s got entirely too much class for Baltimore.

Further, don’t tell anybody I said this either, but I don’t feel like Rachel has Eric’s heart in her future. Indeed I think Rachel’s got Bryan in her sights. I think Rachel only keeps Eric around cause he’s the only black guy in the final four.

Seems only right to have at least one guy of the same color.

I heard a rumor that while Rachel has found her love and as I write is engaged, Rachel is antsy and wants to break up with her amour.

Just a rumor but telling rumors, it’s what I do.

I like Rachel but deep inside my gut I don’t think she’s really looking to settle down. For sure she’ll be on Dancing With the Stars. She’s personable and quite attractive.

I think Rachel has plans for her future which include stardom more than a husband and children.

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