Down to 6 contenders on this Food Network Star 2017, soon to crown the winner.

We got predictions for a winner on this season 13 of Food Network Star.

Food Network Star Web Site

Food Network Star Season 13 Contender Over-view

Season 13
on 9pm on Foodnetwork

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This episode of FoodNetwork Star began with 7 contenders left:
Addie, Jason, Corey, Amy, Rusty, David, Matthew

The first cooking challenge had the contenders preparing a dish with potatoes as the star and I perked up.

I do know potatoes.

Amy won the potato challenge and she won the chance to assign all the contenders to the next challenges, listed below:

Matt-pool party
Amy-picnic in park
Jason-4th july picnic
David-clam bake
Ady-Low country boil
Rusty-garden party
Corey-christmas in july

The contenders were to prepare a meal for the events as assigned above and Addie, sadly, was the loser of this challenge.

Addie, 30, has always been book smart and driven. The valedictorian of her culinary school, Addie has built an impressive resume at such a young age, including stints working for iconic names such as Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller and Martha Stewart. She is currently the culinary director for a lifestyle publishing company, in addition to publishing her own food blog and cookbooks focusing on easy, elegant and entertaining dishes. Proud of the accomplishments she has made, Addie is ready for her next challenge — being a Food Network Star!

As of now, I think Jason is going to win this thing.

rom his bright and vibrant outfits to his off-the-cuff sayings, Jason, 39, describes himself as the down-home chef. A school cafeteria cooking manager and caterer, Jason has been cooking his entire life, with his modern, elevated recipes not only tasting delicious, but also being budget friendly. A self-taught chef and baker who previously competed on and won Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship, Jason shows viewers you don’t have to be a professional chef to cook delicious food.

Jason has an endearing southern accent, dresses colorful and has already won a Food Network cooking contest.

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