Big Brother Begins Season 19 and it’s a confusing mess

It’s not that this season’s series of Big Brother, 19, is unlikeable. But it’s confusing and perhaps not fun at all.

CBS’ official site for this show.

Contender infor for Big Brother Season 19

It’s not that I don’t like this season’s Big Brother, which by now has gone by three episodes. It’s just I don’t quite get it yet.

They are calling it the summer of temptation, featuring alliance, money and power.

The episode began with a contest that had one of the contenders made an offer of $25K. If a contender took the offer than something…well something was going to happen.

Contender Kevin, the oldest of the Big Brother contenders this year, took the money although the actual Big Brother contenders don’t know this. The viewers, such as myself, do.

What happened because of Kevin taking the money was the return of last season’s second place winner, Paul.

I like Paul last year although Nicole won that series. Hold on….Nicole comes back too.

Paul is not in the BB house as a guest. He is actually going to replace one of the contenders in the house at that time. So a contest was held and three contenders at the bottom included Christmas, Jillian and Corey.

Nicole conducted the first Head of Household this season upon her guest visit. Corey had been sent home already to make room for Paul.

Cody won the Head of Household contest. He nominated Jillian and Megan for eviction.

Something really strange then happened. First Cody announced, kind of cruelly I thought, that he only nominated Megan because he didn’t much like her.

Over night Megan disappeared. It is believed she left for hurt feelings but the show states Megan left for personal reasons.


HOH Cody then nominated Alex to replace Megan for eviction.

Soon there will be a power of veto competition but for now we have dens of temptation, one item already taken by contender Paul.

We’re learning about all these new quirks and rules so come back weekly and catch up.


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