Why The Next Food Network Star is the Best of the culinary competitive reality shows.

Challenges galore on this episode of Food Network Star on episode aired 7/2/17 with the contender eliminated for the strangest of reasons.

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Food Network Star Season 13 Contender Over-view

Season 13
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Despite being a big fan of culinary type shows, competitive or otherwise, I am not much of a cook. What little bit of stuff I do make I try to make well.

Food Network Star is the champion of cooking competitive reality shows, as I assert, because it features many different elements.

The Gordon Ramsay shows almost always have salmon being fried and goodness, we must have risotto, no?

Food Network Star emphasizes the camera presence plus cooking skills because that is the idea, correct? Makes it all more interesting to this viewer.

In addition, this show allows the Food Network to feature all the stars of its many cooking shows, giving the network and the shows more exposure.

On this night the challenge was to make an instagram type presentation. The teams and challenges were as follows:

Matthew, Addie 17 bucks family of four
Cao, Amy 20 bucks feed family of eight
Rusty,Cory 25 date night for new parents
David,Jason upscale dinner party for six-$45

The winners of this challenge were Matthew and Addie with their pasta meal below.

The next challenge involved the same teams competing against each other with the following challenges:

Matthew, Addie make new dish out of leftovers, turkey, gravy, roast potatoes
Cao, Amy flavor bomb-a beef taco
Rusty,Cory Supermarket fix-take supermarket staple use in diff way
David,Jason quick and easy…make dish using one cooking vessel

Of these teams, the winners as decided by the judges were Matthew, Amy, Cory and David.

Jason and Addie were safe as well with Cao and Amy left in the end.

While Cao was cooking something very odd happened. I find it hard to believe.

But as she was using the immersible blender, Cao stopped cold. She said, in the vignette, that she was having some kind of bombing flashback of an attack while she was doing a stand up comedy routine.

Say what?

A cook gets PTSD?

Now I know Cao is from Vietnam and that country was once a big mess.

But PTSD while cooking?

Anyway, Cao got no break for the turmoil.

She was sent home.
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