It’s scrambled eggs ad nauseum on Masterchef, Season 8, episode aired 6/28/17

Who knew scrambling eggs was such a challenge? This and more on the Masterchef episode aired 6/28/17.

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It was kind of a boring Masterchef show, now up against The Next Food Network Star. But what the hell, scrambled eggs are a talent of sorts.

So the contenders were given a mystery box filled with all kinds of seafood, to include shrimp, softshell crabs (a real treat in my home state of Maryland), and something called gooey duck clam.

The top three meals on this challenge were presented by Jeff, Necco (why is he named after a candy?) and Jason.

Jason was exempted from the elimination test, which involved making those scrambled eggs.

Chef Ramsay gave a demonstration on making scrambled eggs.

Out of the final dish of scrambled eggs, Jeff, Sam, Heather, Yacachea, Dino, Caitlin, had to do it again.

Only this second time the time to make the eggs was ten minutes.

Dino and Yasheika were determined the best.

Heather was sent home.

MASTERCHEF: Contestant Heather. Miami, Florida. © 2017 FOX Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Becker / FOX.

There’s not yet one shining star in this cooking competitive reality series.

But we’re keeping close eye upon.

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