America’s Got Talent Season 12 continues on with dancing cops and former great singing groups.

In this episode aired on 6/27/17 we have dancing cops, magicians and naked contenders

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Airs Tuesdays-8pm-NBC

Season 12!

America’s Got talent posts for 2016 on this Blog.

It was an interesting night on this America’s Got Talent episode featuring dogs, dancing cops, magicians of all ages.

The evening began with a 15 year old magician who quite impressed.

Then a couple competed as gymnasts against each other and on to a group called The Masqueraders who sang with some of the great singers, including Elvis, of their era. Video below.

We had another dog act, cute dog but not especially impressive on to a guy who played music on a vacuum cleaner.

We move on to the terrible dancing cop, video below.

Another magical type act had Judge Heidi wearing a plain white jumpsuit to be changed, by a large form of photoshopping I suspect, to different judges and wearing different clothes.

One guy had a magic act that had him stripping down naked to prove he had no bugs or cheating devices upon him.

It was a laugh.

Finally we had an Uber driver, of all things, who sang opera. He was beloved by all the judges and the audience, video below.

America surely has talent judging by the many and varied acts being featured. Every year the competition gets more intriguing.

I still have my eye on the little girl named Celine and her big voice compared to her namesake.

We shall see. Come back next week cause we keep checking.

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