It’s time to go GLAMPING on this episode of Food Network Star aired 6/25/17.

Soup served in real peppers and cornbread sliders are just part of this camping and cooking episode of Food Network Star aired 6/25/17.

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It’s all the new fad, this Glamping thing. It’s really camping except, well it’s a bit glamorous.

So the remaining contenders in Food Network Star Season 13 formed three teams. David, Cocadan, Jason were the red team. Rusty, Addie and Trace were the blue team. Corey, Matthew and Amu were a third team, I don’t know what color.

The “camping cooks” were given a box of very basics and were supposed to glam it up and do a stunning presentation.

There were two new judges on this show, Andrew Zimmern of “Bizarre Foods” and Melissa D’Arabian….I remember the season she won Food Network Star very well.

Some of the odd concoctions included a beginning of canned tomato soup that would end up inside of a pepper filled with other additions.

Instant potatoes were used to make fried potatoes. Potato chips were used to coat chicken.

As an added surprise, the camp cooks were also given the ingredients for the world famous camping “s’mores”” only they were supposed to glam it up a bit.

An interesting bit of drama on this episode we had contender Rusty somehow swallow something with food that caused his allergy to act up.

It turned out to be okay but it’s hard to insert some drama in a cooking show and so we have food allergy survival.

Why would someone with a food allergy become a chef, preparing God knows what?

Anyway, the team of Trace, Rusty and Addie were the losers this week, their presentation below.

Rusty did a terrible presentation and Trace’s soup in a pepper cup just did not have any life.

Trace got sent home and we’re keeping watch.

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