First contender out of 20 sent home on Masterchef Season 8.

The episode aired 6/14/17 and the first contender goes home. Good look at who’s good and who’s not.

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Season 8
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There were 20 contenders, culled down from 40 on a prior episode and culled down from who knows how many from prior.

The first challenge was a most ordinary one, but very revealing.

The contenders were given a mystery bag that included ordinary ingredients such as chicken, beef, apples and with access to other necessary staples from the Masterchef pantry.

Three contenders coming out on top were
Yachecia Holston, Detroit, Mich., Minnister,
Jennifer Williams, Chalmette, La., Debt Collector and
Brien O’Brien, Redding, Calif., Magazine Ad Sales.

Their three entries pictured below.

The three bottom dwellers included

Heather Dombrosky, Miami, Fla., Registered Nurse,
Mark Togni, Portland, Ore., Stay-at-Home Dad and
Sam Reiff-Pasarew, Washington, D.C., Creative Writing Teacher.

Below, Mark’s pathetic entrée.

Yachecia prepared an interesting meal although the best meal as determined by the judges was Brien O’Brien.

Yachecia made a buttermilk biscuit as part of her meal and she had to make her own buttermilk.

Well I was impressed.

Who makes their own buttermilk? That right there makes you a Masterchef.

The bottom three were given another chance to prepare from the mystery bag but Mark was a bit of a snarky one.

You’d think a stay at home Dad would be more polite but throughout the order Mark acted like he was above the fellow contenders when, in fact, he was at the bottom and was sent home.

I think, just for now, that Yachecia is one to look out for and include in with her the guy with the same first and last name, Brien O’Brien.
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