America’s Got Talent Season 12 has dogs, Mickey Mouse imitators and singing plane crash survivors.

America’s Got Talent introduces some of the strangest talent on this planet in this season 12.

NBC’s site for this show

Airs Tuesdays-8pm-NBC

Season 12!

America’s Got talent posts for 2016 on this Blog.

Yes this show proves nothing if not example of Americans having too much time on their hands.

Insert wink here.

For America’s Got Talent is for, eh, “talent” and sometimes talent is, eh, not so much.

This past week, on the episode aired 6/13/17, some of the most interesting acts were presented.

One contender did the limbo and goodness, who would think a limbo dancer would be put through on AGT? But THIS limbo dancer did go underneath a pickup truck and that kind of shocked.

There were strange hip-hop dancers, dogs that performed an entire act, and a magical act put on by identical twins that was most unique.

Some guy came out with a pumpkin for a face and I don’t know what that was about.

There was a spate of Simon lovers included a group of older women doing hand syncopation. Who knew that was a talent?

A pair of Russian acrobats had the male partner holding up the female with his face. That was wild.

The three top acts this night includes, below, a female from Nigeria that was one of only two survivors in a horrible plane crash. She is a good singer but the crash definitely disfigured her.

Below is one of the dog acts on this night and this dog act is amazing.

Below a fellow who does impressions only his impressions are not of real living people.

The show will go on and we will keep on watching.

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