America’s Got Talent begins Season 12 and already a golden horn

Clowns and chickens and very young magicians and ventriloquists. The season 12 starts on America’s Got Talent.

NBC’s site for this show

Airs Tuesdays-8pm-NBC

Season 12!

America’s Got talent posts for 2016 on this Blog.

A chicken played the piano and the judges sent it on. There was a comedian with a motorcycle, a very young, and very good, magician.

And a Donald Trump impersonator, no snotty wise cracks.

A young robot dancer and a clown that cried.

I don’t know what that’s all about but Puddles the Clown did not impress me at all. But he moved on so good on him. Video below.

The biggest surprise of the night was a 12 year old ventriloquist who got a golden horn (which means she’s guaranteed a spot in the top 20) from Mel B.

She was quite good, video below.

It appears it will be a stellar year for this great talent show and we have a new host -Tyra Banks. So far she seems to be doing well.

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