Dancing With the Stars, Season 24 ends with surprises but quite well.

Season 24 of Dancing With the Stars was very entertaining. The winner that should have won did not but the one that did was very good.

ABC site of series

Dancing With the Stars Season 24 contender info.

No videos or pics today.

Let us announce that Rashad Jennings has won the mirror ball. In second place comes Normani and in third place, and who should have been in fourth place…David Ross.

Although David Ross was a sweet man, Simone Biles was by far a better dancer. But we had another female around Simone’s age, Normani, so David Ross was voted through to the top three because, well David Ross was a sweet guy.

Yes, Simone was a sweet girl but we already Normani but….well never mind.

I thought this was a great season of this show and may the next be even greater.

Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.

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