Masterchef Junior Has a Winner. These young chefs did quite impress this Season 5.

Goat meat is the most consumed meat on the planet? And why no chicken in the four most popular protein meats?

FOX Web site for the series

Conntender pages for Master Chef Jr. Season 5

First of all, those kids did a great job with their cooking skills until it came down to four remaining contenders:

First they had to prepare a molten lava cake and I’ve made many. Only I use a slow-cooker and I know they don’t use slow cookers on Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows.

Jasmine won this challenge and as a result she got to choose the proteins to be assigned to her co-contenders.

Oddly, Jasmine herself chose lamb. She gave Adam beef-which logic says should be anybody’s first choice-, Justise goat meat and Shayne pork.

No chicken?

And who says goat meat is the most eaten protein on the planet? Like young Shayne said, at home in Texas people walk their goats like dogs. Nobody EATS GOAT!

Young Justise made a mess of her molten lava cake and now she had to make something with goat meat.

Jasmine and Justise won the protein challenge and would go into the finals. Adam and Shayne were sent home.

A surprise came when Wolfgang Puck and Martha Stewart, Justise and Jasmine had to prepare a three course meal and Puck, Stewart and the two judges would choose the winner of Masterchef Junior, Season 5.

Jasmine won the thing to no surprise. I think Shayne was a better cook but I wasn’t a judge.

I was super impressed by the food prepared by these children. They must have used every tool in a kitchen known to man, including a welding torch.

I enjoyed this series although at first I thought a cooking show with such young ones would bore.

Not so….great job Gordon Ramsay!
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