Masterchef Junior Turns into Hell’s Kitchen as the Kids serve up raw salmon. Season 5-Masterchef Jr.

Now Four are left. The cutest one got sent home in this episode of Masterchef Jr. aired 5/11/17.

FOX Web site for the series

Conntender pages for Master Chef Jr. Season 5

Something called a “pop-up restaurant” was introduced on this episode of Masterchef Junior and the remaining contenders, pic below, had to prepare a meal.

The food prepared included, of course, a scallop appetizer and salmon.

Of course some salmon was under-cooked because this always happens on any cooking show headed by Gordon Ramsay.

Not only was salmon undercooked, even raw in some cases, what the hell is it with quail eggs?

Who eats quail eggs except American tourists in a French Bistro looking to be too cool for school?

Cute Cydney was the leader of the Red team, and she broke down midway. Goodness the child is only ten years old.

Adam took over.

The Blue team consisted of Justise, Shayne, and Jasmine. This team won.

Cydney and Even of the red team got sent home.

So we have left:

I believe Shayne is going to win this just because Gordon seems to have Shayne in his good sights.

Justise is a close second place with Jasmine and Adam coming up the rear.

Soon the finale and we’ll be watching.

Come back for weekly updates


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