It’s episode 7 of Amazing Race Season 29 and they sing in the gondolas and push the suitcases.

It was a good episode of Amazing Race involving singing in a gondola, pushing and pulling suitcases and….mask-painting?

CBS site of series

Amazing Race Season 29 contender info.

It wasn’t an especially exiting episode of Amazing Race episode 7 but it kept my attention.

I really wonder where they come up with these challenges and road blocks but I think maybe I’ve discovered some logic.

The teams traveled to Venice Italy for this episode and of course there were canals involved.

The contenders had to learn a song to sing and had to sing it during a gondola cruise in a Venice canal and in front of tourist passengers.

Another challenge had the contenders pushing a huge cart of suitcases up and down tight hilly streets to a hotel. The concept was how, because the entry points to the city were far from many of the hotels, the difficulty in transporting them to the destination.

I suppose that the idea is to mix up both artistic endeavors with those involving physical prowess. I know this has already been known by many but I just kind of figured it out.

The “masked intentions” road block was kind of cool. The teams had to paint some kind of mask used by actors in Italy.

Evidently there’s a talent for this.

The order of finish was as follows:

team 1-Matt and Redmond
team 2-Becca and Floyd
team 3-Tara and Joey
Team 4-Brooke and Scott
Team 5-London/Logan
Team 6-Liz and Michael

There were no eliminations on this leg of the journey so this will be the teams competing on the next episode.

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