It was a most ordinary episode of Survivor season 34. Still, the one thrown out was a surprise.

Though they defended him for something silly, the tribe threw him out unceremoniously on the episode aired 5/4/17.

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There was a reward challenge that had two teams. The red team included Tai, Cerie, Sierra, Michaela, Troyzan. The blue team included Zeke, Sarah Andrea, Aubrey, Culpeper.

The blue team won the reward challenge of a night in a real bed and a meal to include meat and cheesecake for dessert.

Then we have many minutes of discussion back at the campsite, as these things go. It looked like the tribe was going after Tai or Cerie .

The immunity challenge was a difficult thing involving some sort of Domino set up that has the contenders climbing in and out to keep them upright.

Andrea won that challenge and had immunity.

The tribal council voted out, to my surprise, Zeke.

I thought he was the beloved transgender that cost one contender a chance at the prize. I thought the world loved Zeke, a sweet guy who professes his homosexuality proudly and who wears female clothing evidently.

Hey, I’d have voted off Zeke too. And not because of his sexuality, which matters not.

Zeke is a pretty smart guy and does very well in challenges.

You should get rid of the best in this kind of challenge and Zeke was a good choice.

Cause they loved him only for one night as a transgender. Come time to risk a large cash prize, Zeke’s sexuality matters not a whit.

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