“Every Mother’s Nightmare” by Charles Bosworth, Jr. is a well-written account of a justice system run amok.

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Why does it take more than five years to put a man in jail who ruthlessly murdered two young people, including a toddler? Here’s a book that explains it all, to the reader’s shock.

Tyler Winzen was but a toddler when he was found floating dead in a bathtub. Also dead in the same tub was Stacy Price, a young woman in her mid-teens.

This book is the story of Mari Kane and Jude Govreau’s horrid trip through the justice system that did everything to protect the guilty and almost connived to deny peace to the innocent. Mari Kane is Tyler’s mother with Jude the mother of Stacy.

They were murdered by a friend of Mari’s ex-husband and Tyler’s father, Eugene Fleer. It was a mess of a crime, with another innocent, Mari’s husband’s friend.

First, let me say that this book was extremely well-written. Author Charles Bosworth, Jr. is touted on the book cover as a NY Times best-selling author. I believe it. This was a complicated, and at times very dry with the details. But Bosworth did one helluva job conjugating nouns and verbs and with just a bit of concentration I was able to understand all the details.

Not that this horrid crime should have to be understood. It was the act of the meanest and nastiest among us and yet the prosecutor took its time, a sheriff failed to notify the jurors and a witness caused a mistrial.

There was a lot of drug dealing in this crime and events leading up to it. All of the “players” were involved with drugs, including, sadly but very much part of the story, young Tyler’s mother.

The motive for the murder has never been established. Some believe Fleer killed the kids to hurt Tyler’s father, Steve Winzen. Some believe it was an attempted sexual assault on young Stacy.

The story is compelling and I could not put it down. One character in the book, a Patricia Stallings, had been convicted unfairly and that case’s effect on these murders is eerie.

Every time the cock crowed some “harm” had been done to the defendant and in one incident, the entire court case was declared a mistrial.

The suffering of those mothers as they tried to get justice for their children is very well documented, good use of language but not overdone and very believable.

Download this book and give it a thorough read. Your mind will spin with the state of justice of late.


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