It’s girl band and boy band night on season 24 Dancing With the Stars episode aired 4/24/17.

The first perfect score of the season is what? Sent home? On this episode of Dancing With the Stars aired 4/24/17.

ABC site of series

Dancing With the Stars Season 24 contender info.

Let us begin with the individual dances. Bonner Bolton danced a Rumba and scored 30 points out of 40 to the song “I Want It My Way”.

Nick Viall scored 28 points dancing a Jive. This Bachelor guy is almost always at the bottom of the leaderboard yet he remains. He’s really not that good at the dance. The judges didn’t much like Nick either.

Video of Nick below, judge for yourself.

Normani scored 38 doing a Salsa while Nancy Kerrigan got 33 points for a Paso Doble. Judge Len thought Nancy spent too much time in the cage at the beginning. Watch the video below to see what he talks about.

Heather Morris got sent home this night of the boy and girl bands even though she just scored the first perfect dance. Indeed Heather is second highest in combined scores to date but America just doesn’t much like her it seems. Nick deserved to go home before Heather.

David Ross danced an Argentine Tango and he almost dropped his partner from way up high. David got 29 points out of 40.

Rashad Jennings pulled in 37 points dancing a Tango to a 4 Tops song.

Simone racked up 35 votes to a Destiny Child samba.

individual dance
Nick Viall 28
David Ross 29
Bonner Bolton 30
Nancy Kerrigan 33
Simone Biles 35
Rashad Jennings 37
Normani 38
Heather Morris 40

total score to date
Nick Viall 200
David Ross 200
Rashad Jennings 208
Nancy Kerrigan 225
Normani 232
Bonner Bolton 236
Heather Morris 236
Simone Biles 238

So above, we have Heather coming in on top in the individual dance while in SECOND place in total scores to date.

There was a second dance this night, a boy and a girl dance that was entertaining.

The boys scored 33 on their dance while the girls scored 34.

Boys video below

Girls video below

I see Simone winning this with possibly Bonner coming in second.

Next week we will give the exact prediction of the top five.

Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.


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