Fighting, growling, throwing insults, tears and cussing. Amazing Race Continues on in this Season 29 and it’s a bit of a smile.

We have the nomination for the absolute nastiest contender of all the reality shows on the planet. We burn wooden pallets and make cooking utensils in this very intriguing episode of Amazing Race aired 4/20/17

CBS site of series

Amazing Race Season 29 contender info.

It was TWO episodes of Amazing Race airing this past weekend and you were either laughing or crying at both challenges and the backbiting contenders.

Bearing in mind that on this season of Amazing Race the teams were strangers right from the start.

Quite a few of them have not yet learned how to get along.

Who knew that Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen, was from Tanzania?

The first challenge was to go to Freddie Mercury’s house for a clue. The contenders were then given two choices to move on.

One had the contenders going into some kind of little room filled with boxes and drawers to look for a key. Ashton and Vanck along with Shamir and Sara were constantly arguing.

The other challenge had the contenders going to some kind of metal shop and making a….ladle? Man here in America you can buy those things in a dollar store, you don’t have to sit and pound the holes yourself.

And so we meet Brooke, definitely the most whiny crybaby I ever saw on a competitive reality show. She carried on about taking an awl and pounding a hole in that utensil until I wanted to slap her.

Tara and Joey-team 1-won 5K each
Becca and Floyd-team 2
Liz and Michael-3rd place
Matt and Redmond-4th place
London/Logan-5th place
Vanck/Ashton-6th place
Brooke and Scott-7th place
Shamir and Sarah-eliminated

Above is how the teams ended as the next leg of the journey began, a trip to Norway.

“Home of the greatest number of Fiords on the planet,” the announcer tells us. Damn. I thought Norway was the ONLY place where there were fiords.

The contenders caught the plane and had to eat raw rockfish. Brooke continued to whine as she ate the salty fish.

Then there was something called a “Fast Forward” and forgive me yon reader, but I don’t know what this is. I’m supposing it gives the contenders some kind of lead. In this case those who participated had to jump 10,000 out of a helicopter.

The challenges to move on were certainly intriguing, involving looking for trolls and fancy doors, collecting rockets, and the great wooden pallet bonfire was a real hoot, with the contenders climbing the huge stack of used wooden shipping pallets that would soon be put on fire.

Brooke complained about having to run to get to the finish line. Lord I’d be slapping her all over the place.

Below is the list of how it came in.

Tara and Joey-team number 1-number one again
Matt and Redmond-team 2
Becca and Floyd-team 3
Vanck and Ashland-team number 4
Logan/London-team 5
Brooke and Scott-team 6
Liz and Michael-last place but not eliminated

There was no elimination on this leg and we’re down to 14 contenders-7 teams.

Matt and Redmond need shrewd eye to watch closely. Liz and Michael came in the top three several times and I’m betting that’s why they weren’t eliminated.

It’s a good series, folks,

Watch out also for Tara and Joey.

Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.


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