On this Survivor episode aired on 4/12/17 we have the absolute WORST episode of this show ever. All of a sudden Survivor has lessons, stupid ones, to teach us?

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So contender Debbie returns from this “exile” island where she had a wonderful time along with a former contender known as Cochran. Debbie wisely chose not to tell her new team mates in her new tribe , NUKU.

There was a reward challenge with a reward of pizza, which team Mana won.

There was an immunity challenge with NUKU lost. The team members of NUKU consisted of:

NUKU-Sandra, Sarah, Varner, Ozzie, Zeke, Andrea, Tai,
And Mana includes:

Mana-Michaela, Sierra, Hali, Aubry, Cirie Culpepper, Troyzan,

There was the usual talk of who to send home, fake and phony alliances formed….normal Survivor stuff.

Meanwhile contender Jeff Varner feels he’s a possible contender to be voted out so he works up a strategy.

At this point yon readers this writer is confused.

I did see Varner and Zeke spend time together. Zeke is a homosexual, this was established at the beginning of the series. Nobody much cared.

For some reason, Varner reveals, to all the world because bear in mind I was watching this tribal council with great interest…that Zeke is transgender.

First, how did Varner know this? I did not hear Zeke tell him that. Further, isn’t transgender someone who dresses and lives life as an opposite sex than what their genes and chromosomes dictate?

What really had my jaw dropping to the floor was how the rest of the tribe treated Varner.

Come on! Why is being transgender some big shameful secret?

And Varner blubbered and carried on like a baby because he did the horrible and revealed this stupid “secret” to all the world.

Don’t those producers have editing tools? I know how to cut out portions of a video. If revealing this thing was such an awful thing to do why didn’t the show’s producers just edit the thing out?

But of course it was a drama-mama scene, as these shows have to create every once in a while.


I watch Survivor for the joy of it, not to be taught a lesson about being mean to transgender people. We already have plenty of homosexuals on that show and it’s never been a problem.

Jeff Varner was voted out…WITHOUT EVEN A VOTE…..and I may never watch this show again.

Well I probably will, just to see how that very stupid Zeke makes out. I will pray that he is gone soon.
Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.


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