Dancing With the Stars Season 24 Continues on with this episode on memorable moments.

One said when she had in vitro fertilization it was good. I thought it odd. One remembers breaking a neck and one remembers her parents. Odd. But cool.

ABC site of series

Dancing With the Stars Season 24 contender info.

So Mr. T got sent home, let’s get that out of the way. It’s no surprise to anyone. But he looks good and he dances well. He danced a waltz and Carrie, also as expected, sobbed at Mr. T’s memorable battle with cancer. Carrie cries at everything.

Bonner Bolton danced a Foxtrot and told the story of falling of a bull and breaking his neck. I’m thinking few other people will have that story.

Nick Viall of Bachelor fame danced a Rumba and yes, he looks good with his shirt off, pic below. Nick praised his final time on the Bachelor series when he finally found a woman.


Erika Jayne danced a Cha Cha and recalled her first acting job and how she needed it to carry on. Erika will go home soon after Nick Viall.

Normani is the one to watch. She seems to be the celebrity dancer improving the fastest.

I learned that Normani and her singing group Fifth Harmony came to fame on The X-Factor. I did not know this. Normani paid tribute to her winning that very same X-Factor.

Video of Normani below.

Nancy Kerrigan, the skater whose real claim to fame, and the one not yet been mentioned, is having her knee caps battered by some gang bangers of her opponent Tanya Harding. One would think her recovery from that attack would be her life’s memorable motion.

But no, Kerrigan said her in vitro fertilizations were her life highlights.

Oooooookay. I can see having children being a life’s memorable moment but how it was conceived?

Nancy is doing real good now and could really win this thing. She danced a Foxtrot and below is a video of her dance.

Heather Morris remembered the year she got married, a nice idea. She is tied for the highest score of the night and also the highest score today.

David Ross danced a Viennese Waltz to tribute the Cubs winning the world series, which was quite something in the annals of baseball.

Rashad Jennings, the token football player, is a real possibility of winning dance. Rashad danced a contemporary dance and Jennings is tied with Heather Morris for high scores. Rashad paid tribute to the loss of his father.

Simone Biles paid homage to her devoted parents, a nice note but kind of boring. Simone danced a beautiful Viennese Waltz.

Ericka shared the bottom two with Mr. T but will be around another week at least.

Below the scores for last night, in order smallest to largest.

Mr. T 28
Nick Viall 30
Erika Jayne 30
David Ross 31
Bonner Bolton 32
Normani 32
Nancy Kerrigan 33
Simone Biles 36
Heather Morris 39
Rashad Jennings 39

Below the scores to date, smallest to largest.

Mr. T 94
Nick Viall 105
Bonner Bolton 107
Erika Jayne 108
David Ross 117
Nancy Kerrigan 122
Normani 125
Simone Biles 129
Heather Morris 130
Rashad Jennings 130

It’s getting interesting folks, Come back weekly for updates.

Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.


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