The Voice Battle Rounds Roil On. The Better are being sent home to accommodate the best.

It’s a strong group of singing contenders this year on Season 12 of The Voice. Got a couple looking real good.

NBC site of series

Contenders of The Voice Season 12

If you held a gun to my head I couldn’t track which singing contender belongs to what mentor.

However, got a couple of stats to report.

Below everyone sent home this past week on the episodes on 4/3/17 and 4/4/17 listed below.

Autumn Turner
Johnny Gates
Johnny Hayes
Felicia Temple
Enid Ortiz
Dawson Coyle

Below a couple of steals from the same two episodes.
Quizz Swangan-stolen by Gwen from Alicia
Lilli Passero-stolen from Alicia by Adam
Aaliyah Rose from Gwen by Blake

Below all winners from the same two episodes.
Chris Blue
Casi Joy
Hanna Eyre
Josh West
Ashley Levin
Anatalia Villaranda
Brennley Brown

I got two videos worth watching. One is Quizz, a very young singer stolen by Gwen from Alicia. Alicia chose Chris Blue over Quizz but Quizz is pretty good and at least Gwen thought he deserved another chance.

Below we have a video of Tsoul, a contender whose deep soulful voice had me considering him a real contender for at least the top five.

The Voice is going into real battle rounds next week and soon, America votes!

Come back and check out our opinions. All for free!!

Come back weekly and we will update as regards the status of the contenders with opinions completely for free.


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