Bachelor Nick Viall chooses a fiancee in Season 21 of The Bachelor. I see failure written all over.

Nick chooses a fiancee but I have my doubts. They live in different countries, they admit to issues, and I am just not at all sure about Nick.

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Contender Overview

It came down to Vanessa and Raven as the final two contenders for Season 21’s Bachelor Nick Viall. They did all the normal bachelor things like visit each other’s parents.

I truly thought it was going to be Raven, who looks almost exactly like Tom Cruise’s wife in case nobody noticed.

Alas for Raven, Nick chose Vanessa and I scratch my head.

But first, below a pic of Rachel, one of the four final contenders for Nick’s heart. During the “After the Final Rose” show, Rachel was a guest and she looks like she will be a fine bachelorette.

As a complete surprise, the producers had four of the upcoming contenders for Rachel’s heart begin the process of meeting….this against a backdrop of the famous limo delivering contenders and the house used for many rose ceremonies.

Raven truly didn’t show a whole lot of remorse at losing Nick and she will definitely be on Bachelor in Paradise, as she promised Gregory Harrison.

Below a pic of Raven and Nick making peace one would suppose.

Finally Vanessa came out and was united with Nick for the first time in public.

Then the hints began.

“We’ve had issues,” Vanessa said.

Once these couples united on the Bachelor/Bachelorette show then mentioned these “issues”…that’s a sure sign something’s wrong.

All along Vanessa and her family had questioned just where she and Nick were going to live. They live in different countries after all. At one point during the After the Rose show, Vanessa did blurt out that the plan is that they will live in America.

No they did not set a wedding date. Yes, Nick admitted, there were issues.

I just don’t see them two getting married. Frankly despite now having been hooked up with five females, I think Nick rather likes being single.

So Vanessa and Nick are a team and we will be keeping eagle eye on where it all goes.


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