Worst Cooks in America takes on oysters. Four contenders left on the 2017 season of Worst Cooks in America.

One forgot his garnishes, one peeled the shrimp wrong, one handled the kitchen wrong. On Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America….with 4 contenders left.

Contender Overview

Food Network Site for Worst Cooks in America

The entire team was on location in Louisiana….New Orleans in fact.

The first challenge involved the “recruits” to fill in some kind of food board to guess the food contained in a prepared dish. Each team had three remaining contenders. The Red team-Ann Burrell-included Brittany, Daniel and Mandy. The Blue team-Rachel Ray-Laura, Ann and Adam.

Adam made a serious error with his shrimp because he didn’t cut the right side to properly remove the intestine.

The blue team, nonetheless, won the challenge.

The next challenge had Anne’s team making chicken with oysters and dirty rice. Rachel’s team made some kind of soup, I don’t know what it was but some pictures below.

Below Team Blue’s Ann’s dish.

Below Team Blue’s Adam’s dish.

Below Mandy’s chicken and dirty rice-Red team.

Below Red Team’s Daniel’s dish.

Sent home from the Red Team-Brittany.

Sent home from the Blue Team-Adam

There are now four contenders left for the title of Worst Cook in America.

On the Blue Team with Rachel Ray are Laura and Ann.

On the Red team with Anne Burrell are Mandy and Daniel.

Daniel is the last male left standing.

Come back weekly and we will keep you updated.


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