He did a spectacular job, was a great leader, came through harrowing times, and now Governor Schwarzenegger made him the Celebrity Apprentice!

Celebrity Apprentice 2017 Contender Overview

NBC Official Celebrity Apprentice Site

So who is Matt Iseman?

Matt Iseman serves as host of NBC’s heart-racing obstacle course competition series “American Ninja Warrior” as well as Esquire Networks’ spin-off, “Team Ninja Warrior.” He is also a contestant on the upcoming Season 8 of NBC’s “The New Celebrity Apprentice.”Iseman has been part of the “American Ninja Warrior” team as host since 2010. Long before that opportunity arose, Iseman earned his medical degree but quickly realized stand-up comedy was more in his DNA. He began his hosting career on “Scream Play” for E! and on “Casino Night” for GSN. Shortly thereafter, he started a five-year run as the “go-to guy” on Style’s “Clean House,” which was number one on the network during that time. That led to work as host of spin-off “Clean House Comes Clean” and a multi-episode special “Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country,” which earned him a Daytime Emmy Award.Iseman also created and hosted “Family by Design” for Style and toured with the successful one-man

It was an okay kind of season, this first Celebrity Apprentice series without Donald Trump as host. Who knew that someday Trump would be president and couldn’t fire people except at cabinet level?

Arnold was okay and the Governor and I’d give him maybe a B for his grade as host. No he’s no Donald Trump but Donald Trump had his gaffes as Celebrity Apprentice host, as hard as that is to believe.

The last challenge had Boy George, the other finalist, and Matt creating a pamphlet and show and in general wildly promote Carnival cruise lines.

Below a video of Carney Wilson singing their only famous song “Hold On”.

And below we have none other than publicity hog Caitlyn Jenner arriving with $90K for Boy George’s team.

Boy George brought in approximately $445,000 while Matt Iseman chalked up about $573,000

Arnold pronounced Matt the new Celebrity Apprentice and, indeed, he deserved it.

Boy George did a nice job too.
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