There’s still six left on Food Network’s Worst Cook in America Season 10. And they are no longer the WORST cooks.

There was blood sausage, tripe, and chickens cooked under bricks. The remaining cooks learned how to cook and taste the unspeakable on this episode of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America.

Contender Overview

Food Network Site for Worst Cooks in America

Mandy Thornton (Hanover, Mass.) red
Adam Cooke (Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.) blue
Brittany Lenore (Chicago) red
Ann Odogwu (Houston) blue
Laura Docker (Fort Worth, Texas) blue
Daniel red

It was a little confusing on this episode of Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America what with the wannabe chefs learning how to cook the unspeakable, to include what I think was a pair of bull testicles.

And below a meal using squid, I don’t know who prepared it.

The main dish challenge was somehow involving chicken prepared the way the mentors instructed.

Ann Burrell used a brick for God’s sake to somehow press down the chicken and make it brown better.

Or something.

Laura won the main dish challenge with the offering below, for the Blue team.

Daniel’s chicken meal below

Jeff was sent home from the Red team.

Rachel’s team member, Anne, had a real hink about eggplant and refused to taste it. Rachel made her taste it, and she did. I don’t especially like eggplant but it can’t be as bad as bull testicles.

At any rate, Rachel sent Anne home but used her remaining Mentor save to keep her.

And so there are five left to “win” the Worst Cook in America challenge,.

Come back because we will be watching.

Come back weekly and we will keep you updated.


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