Masterchef Junior Season 5 begins. First four contenders chosen.

Fox Web Site for MasterChef Jr., Season 5

Let’s get a bit of an overview of this competetive reality series.

The kids are back for Season Five of the hit culinary competition series MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, premiering Thursday, Feb. 9 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Judges Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Christina Tosi welcome the latest crop of junior home cooks to the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR kitchen, where they will compete for the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR trophy and the $100,000 grand prize.
After a nationwide search, 40 of the best junior home cooks between the ages of eight and thirteen have been chosen for their final test – a culinary battle in the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR kitchen in front of Chefs Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi.

Only the 20 best chef-testants who prove they have the chops to take home the trophy will move forward and earn a MASTERCHEF JUNIOR white apron.

This season, the kids will face exciting challenges, including completing a challenge from First Lady Michelle Obama; cooking a meal for more than 50 first responders; MASTERCHEF JUNIOR’s first-ever vegan challenge, from guest judge Mayim Bialik (“The Big Bang Theory”); and cooking for other VIPs, including Julie Bowen (“Modern Family”) and Muppets “Miss Piggy” and “Swedish Chef,” until one talented kid is named America’s next MASTERCHEF JUNIOR, taking home the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR trophy and $100,000 grand prize.

In the season premiere episode, “The Quest for an Apron Part 1,” 40 junior home cooks come to Los Angeles ready to compete for a MASTERCHEF JUNIOR apron. In each culinary showdown, four chefs receive a unique challenge – from steak, to scallops to cupcakes. Two lucky winners from each group earn an apron and a chance to move on, while two head back home. The competition is tougher than ever as Gordon and Christina separate the best junior chefs from all the rest. All Top 20 contestants will be revealed in the following episode, “The Quest for an Apron Part 2,” airing Thursday, Feb. 16 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Watch/share a first look at this season, featuring the MASTERCHEF JUNIOR Top 40:

Four contenders were chosen on the episode aired 2/10/17 to move on. They were chosen from 16 contenders.

Elizabeth 9 years old, one of five kids got apron
Barbara, 9 mother from colombia
Sidney, 10 years old, There are two contenders already named Sidney. Both got an apron, I think. Pic of Sidney below. got apron

Na-imah, from Chicago
…challenge to make a tartlet

Donovan, 9 , cooks asian food got apron
Cameron, 11, michigan, dances and sings-pic of Cameron cooking with some help from her cat.

Sidney got apron
Logan, 10 year, chicago-might be for donovan
…challenge to prepare salmon

Liani-10-cooks tex mex food
Jasmine-Jamaican food, 11 years old, from Georgia got apron
Mark, Mississippi, 11, got apron
Kaitlyn, 11, New York, Spanish, makes latin food
…challenge make pork chop,….”most eaten protein in whole world”?

Gonzolo-peruvian, 11 got an apron
Madison, Calif, cooks with wine
Emma, 12, boston, known for seafood
Justise, 10 years old, parents are cops got apron
…challenge…gordon’s favorite ingredients…scallops

So four got aprons in this first episode. More will get aprons I suspect so come back for updates.
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