Heading to the finale the Project Runway contenders of Season 2 get a big surprise on this episode 8.

Down to five for the final runway show on Project Runway Jr. Season 2 but there’s a catch.

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Official Lifetime Project Runway Junior Contender Info.

So the challenge was an odd one.

The contenders, as of the beginning of episode 8 of Project Runway Junior Season 2, were a total of six. We had:

Let’s take a look at their records up THROUGH this episode.

First, below a video of the Runway parade just to catch up.

Izzy came in the top three on this episode and she was also in the top three for the Milan fashion week episode.

Tieler, along with Molly, won one of the first challenges. He was in the top three for the date night challenge on 1/26/17. Tieler began dropping down in design style falling in the bottom three for the Milan fashion week challenge of 2/2/17 and also for this episode’s challenge.

Hawwaa’s been all over the place, mostly at the bottom. And she was one of the bottom two for this episode’s challenge.

Molly only came in the top three once, for the date night challenge of 2/2/17. She was sent home on this episode.

Chris is the one to watch for, having won the “light” challenge on 1/19/17 and came in the top three for Milan fashion week. Chris was also in the top three for this episode’s challenge. Chris has never been in the bottom three of any challenge.

Chelsea won the Milan fashion week challenge and also won THIS episode’s challenge.

Below, all the outfits of this episode’s fashion challenge. Said challenge being to create an outfit based on NY colorful wall art, an odd, and difficult, challenge.

Chelsea, winner of this challenge, above.

Chris above, judges considered it a top three entry.

Izzy above, considered by judges a top three entry.

Tieler above, created outfit out of velvet, bottom three, terrible fit.

Above Molly’s. She got sent home for this.

Hawwaa above. Same old, same old. Bottom three.

The judges deemed Chelsea the winner but did an unusual action in keeping both Tieler and Hawwaa instead of sending TWO contenders home as was stated all during the episode.

Although, we are told, both Tieler and Hawwaa will NOT both be presenting a collection at fashion week, that at that time one of them will be eliminated.

I sure hope it’s Hawwaa. I think she’s awful.

Come back weekly and we will be covering this show with a little snark and sarcasm added.


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