There’s six contenders left and Nick appears to be bored in this episode aired 2/6/17 in Season 21.

Nick was sending home contenders for his heart so fast in this episode that I could barely keep up. The women revealed they loved him and boom, he sent them home.

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Contender Overview

This was one of the more confusing episodes I’ve ever watched on the Bachelor and I couldn’t keep up. The show started with a rose ceremony carry over from the prior episode. There was no cocktail party.

Above, the remaining contenders at the beginning of this episode.

Josephine, Jamie and Alexis were sent home at this rose ceremony.

Then there were nine left and the whole bunch go to St. Thomas.

Kristina got a one on one date with Nick and this was interesting.

Kristina is a 24 year old dental hygienist from Kentucky. She was born in Russia and was adopted as an adolescent.

It was a most interesting story and Nick was intrigued.

Above Nick offers Kristina a date rose.

A group date was arranged, with:
danielle M

Jasmine made such a nuisance out of herself that Nick, in a fit of kindness, sent the whiny beoootch home.

Then there was the infamous 2 on 1 date with Whitney and Danielle L. Nick at first sent Whitney home. Danielle L, of course, thought she was in free but, surprise, surprise, NICK SENT HER HOME TOO.

Above Danielle L and Whitney arrive for their two on one date where they BOTH were sent home.

By my inventory there are 6 contenders left:

danielle M

Corrine, of course, has been involved in everything. I find it hard to believe that Nick, who is almost 14 years older than Corrine, would choose this rather childish female. But she is very pretty, wealthy and has her own Nanny.

Do not rule her out.

I’d give Rachel, an attorney from Dallas, Texas, a good chance to win Nick’s heart. She got the very first impression rose given and has had interaction with Nick. To me they seemed to have a real connection.

I think Raven will be gone soon. She’s a nice kid and she did just get a one on one date on 1/24/17. But I didn’t detect any great attraction between her and Nick.

Vanessa got a one on one date on 1/16/17 and she seemed to connect with Nick very well. She might well be amongst top three. Vanessa is a special education teacher and hails from Canada.

Danielle M. is a neonatal nurse, 31 years old and hails from Tennessee.

She had a one on one date with Nick and got a date rose.

Kristina is an interesting contender. She is from Russia, an orphan, adopted as a teenager. Nick seems to really like her.

For the final three, I am going with Rachel, Kristina and Danielle M.

No I do not think Nick will pick Corrine. Corrine might be the next bachelorette, who knows?

Join us next week when we will continuing analyzing and dissecting the contenders for Nick Viall’s heart.


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