The Winner, Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 is also the prettiest!

All along she’d been complaining that she’d have done much better as a chef if it weren’t for her looks. But she is a good chef as well.

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Contender Overview for this season Hell’s Kitchen

I think Hell’s Kitchen went through 100 pounds of risotto and the cussing was beginning of episode to end.

To be honest here, much as I like cooking shows, I have never really liked Hell’s Kitchen. I have issues with Gordon Ramsay in general but Hell’s Kitchen is the same ole, same ole, damn near every episode.

There were two contenders left on Hell’s Kitchen, the final episode aired 2.2.17: Ryan and Heather.

The contenders had to create one appetizer and three main dishes to begin the finale. Heather was winning all the choices I thought for sure she would beat Ryan big time.

After each winning dish the winner could choose their choice from the returning chefs.

As first choice, Heather chose Andrew, Tim and Shaina.

Ryan chose, not as her first choice, Paulie, and Wendy while Heather, for her final choice chose Devon.

Hell’s Kitchen took off that night and there was a bit of drama, as there always is.

Paulie, always a strange and sinister sort of guy, was accused by Chef Ramsay of maybe trying to sabotage Ryan.

Samsay had to pull a couple of his chefs out of the kitchen and give some lectures.

Of course somebody served something raw, tonight it was Ryan and salmon.

Anyway, Ryan won. All season she’d been complaining about being too pretty and not judged exclusively on her cooking merits.

Yes she is pretty. But she ain’t that hot, damn.

Below a video of the final scene in Hell’s Kitchen, Season 16.

So there you have it. We are to understand that a new season, maybe two, of Hell’s Kitchen has been renewed.

More risotto, more cussing.

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