THREE sent home on this episode of Celebrity Apprentice Season 8. They exercised and led the basketball team.

Three went home on this episode of Celebrity Apprentice aired on 1/30/17. Two of those sent home were huge surprises and one contender listened to my advice.

Celebrity Apprentice 2017 Contender Overview

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It was somewhat of a strange night on Celebrity Apprentice, Season 8, in this episode aired 1/30/17.

Let us begin with the silly notion that some of these contenders were beginning to carve a name for themselves in terms of leadership and talent. Then let us smash that concept all to hell.

The first challenge had Team Prima and Team Arete designing a T-shirt for the Staple Center, home of the Clippers. The teams were also charged with creating a cheer that would bring the home team crowd to their feet.

Ricky Williams was Project Manager for Team Arete while Lisa Lesley took the lead for Team Prima. Boy George returned after one week’s absence and was place on Team Prima.

Lisa’s team won the crowd-jarring challenge as well as the T-shirt challenge. Below a short video of Team Prima’s performance.

Ricky’s team did pretty bad and they lost the challenge, Short video of their performance below.

Ricky brought Laila and Brook back with him to the board room but the governor terminated the Project Manager, which would be Ricky.

The second challenge had the contenders choosing a piece of equipment from Gold’s gym and selling it on QVC.

Carson Kressley was the Project Manager for Team Prima while Brook Burk led Team Arete.

What was really odd was how Carson handled the distribution of duties.

Bear in mind that Laila Ali was on Carson’s team and she could well have shown the QVC viewers, who would most likely be mostly female for this type of item, just how great a woman can look after purchasing and using the equipment they were selling.

Brook Burke led Team Arete and I got that right. She was introduced as Brook Burke, none of that silly Charvet nonsense, a carry-over from her useless husband.

It turned out that Arete won the challenge, selling over $17,000 of equipment on QVC, over twice that sold by Team Prima.

Below a pic of Brook Burke exercising with Team Arete’s equipment and showing the world how great they would look by doing the same thing.

Carson thought having Boy George testify about once being so fat would appeal to potential purchasers but QVC and the Governator disagreed. Below a pic of Carson kind of working out, sort of pathetic.

Governor Schwarzenegger, without bother of much discussion, asked Carson what was he thinking in not using Laila to show her great body, then he fired Carson.

Lisa was also fired by the governator and Schwarzenegger seemed really peeved with her, saying she’d been in the bottom on too many tasks.

Lisa had just one that Clipper challenge and yeah, she was brought back into the Board room twice. But she hardly had an horrible record that the governator complained about.

And Carson! This guy has been a great contender. I was very surprised at how hastily he was dismissed by Schwarzenegger . I show Carson was Project Manager for two other tasks and then this QVC challenge.

I felt like two of the best contenders were unceremoniously tossed aside and it shocked me. Indeed I was kind of hoping Carson would win.

Team Prima   Team Arete
Boy George Laila Ali
Matt Iseman Brook Burke-Charvet

Above are the remaining contenders. Out of them all, I’d lean toward Matt Iseman as first, Laila Ali as second.
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