Bachelor Nick Viall continues search for perfect love. It won’t be Taylor but could it possibly be Corrine?

The drama of Corrine continues but I’m betting nothing will come of it. By that I mean Nick would never choose Corrine. At least I hope not.

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Contender Overview

The ongoing feud between contender for Bachelor Nick Viall’s heart, Corrine, and….well everybody else, continues on.

The episode aired on 1/30/17 began with a rose ceremony. Kristina, Raven and Danielle L had roses already from prior group dates.

Given a rose at the rose ceremony below:

Danielle M

Sarah and Astrid did not receive a rose.

The cast then all flew of New Orleans and we had interesting interaction.

First, Corrine, the pretty 24 year old who still has her own Nanny is causing angst with her co-contenders (there’s always one in every crowd on the Bachelor) and has been engaged in a nasty spat with contender Taylor.

After the rose ceremony and boo-hoos Nick arranged a one-on-one date with Rachel.

Nick seems to really like Rachel, a lawyer from Dallas. She was the first one he gave a first impression rose to. In this episode they had what seemed to be a great one on one date.

Further, Nick discussed possibly meeting her father and right there is a sign of where Nick might think this is going.

Rachel told Nick her father was a judge, she called him “Daddy” and her parents were married upwards of 35 years. Nick seems proud that his parents too had been married almost 40 years and hey, these two appear to have something in common. Keep an eye on that pair. Below a pic of them on that one on one date.

Then a group date was arranged with group date attendees including :

Danielle M
Danielle L

The group date involved a haunted house but it all seemed so staged. Below a pic of the group.

Danielle M. got the rose for the group date.

Finally we get to the climax of the episode, that two on one date with Taylor and Corrine. The trio attended a voodoo ceremony and Corrine and Taylor got their fortunes read.

Corrine really did stick a pin in a voodoo doll meant to represent Taylor.


To my complete surprise, Nick sent Taylor home. Not that I have any particular fondness for Taylor, pic below, but she seems much more mature and sensible than Corrine, who still has a Nanny I must remind.

By my count there are eleven contenders left for Nick’s heart but be patient with me, we got them with the same first name and sometimes you just don’t know their name.

Right now, hey, I think Rachel seems to be the favorite here. But who knows, Nick seems to have some attachment to Corrine, who is very pretty.

Join us next week when we will continuing analyzing and dissecting the contenders for Nick Viall’s heart.


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