15 contenders go to Nick Viall’s home town in this episode 4 of The Bachelor.

15 contenders for Bachelor Nick Viall’s heart get to visit his home town. Let us discuss Nick and some of those oddball contenders.

ABC’s official web site for The Bachelor

Contender Overview

There are 15 contenders left for Nick Viall’s heart and if you held a gun to my head I couldn’t name them.

When they send contenders home I wish the show would provide their names. For when the Bachelor/Bachelorette is calling names for roses, well we know their name then. But when there is three left unless you know their names already you don’t know who it is.

Below is a list of those I think are still left but who knows?

Danielle L
Danielle M

Below is a pic of all remaining contenders but I don’t know who is who.

Below a short video of Nick interacting with the contenders, just for insight.

Now let us, first, discuss Nick.

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, with a double major in accounting and supply chain management, Nick is one of the most accomplished and successful Bachelors. He seems to have it all – except for his one true love.
One of eleven siblings, Nick maintains close ties with his family. His parents, Chris and Mary, have been married for thirty-seven years. Nothing would make them happier than to see Nick find what they have found in each other. When he’s not spending time with friends and family, Nick enjoys traveling, beach volleyball and rooting for his beloved Green Bay Packers. He’s a charming man’s man, whom the ladies just can’t get enough of.
After all these years, and all the heartbreak, it’s finally Nick’s turn to hand out the roses. Will he finally find that love he’s craved? He believes in finding love on the series and hopes it is his time now.

The bio above, copied from ABC’s web site, declares Nick to be one of the most accomplished and successful Bachelors.


He is quite handsome, we can all see that. But does Andi and Kaitlyn have no taste that they’d turn down a handsome, perfectly aged successful businessman?

However, Nick does seem to be a nice guy and he did show up in Bachelor in Paradise only to lose again and now I am getting suspicious.

So the drama with Corrine continues on and every season there is always one contender that is a sore point with other contenders. They do need some drama after all.

In this most recent episode aired 1/23/17 Nick took 15 remaining contenders to his home town in Wisconsin.

He chose Danielle L. for a one on one date and at some point, oddly, as Nick and Danielle L. strolled around the small town Nick’s old girlfriend showed up, Amber.

Well I thought that was odd.

Danielle L. got a rose on a group date two weeks alone and now she got another on the one on one date. Keep close eye upon because Nick seems to like her.

There was arranged a group date in Nick’s home time and, naturally, they were taken to a farm and asked to shovel cow manure.

Say what?

Corrine, of course, pissed and moaned the entire time, very unhappy with this turn of events.

Corrine is the contender of rancor in this Nick Viall’s season, she comes from wealth and her biggest claim to fame is that she has her own Nanny at age 23.


Finally contender Raven got a one on one date and Raven got to meet and interact with Nick’s younger sister, Bella.

The episode ended with Corrine fighting with Taylor and threatening to tell Nick how bad Taylor is.

Well whatever.

Hey, Nick obviously likes Corrine.

There’s no accounting for taste.

Join us next week when we will continuing analyzing and dissecting the contenders for Nick Viall’s heart.


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