Down to Three Finalists in Hell’s Kitchen Season 16. Time to guess the winner.

Amidst endless cursing two chefs were sent home in this Hell’s Kitchen episode that left three remaining. We got some thoughts about a winner,

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Contender Overview for this season Hell’s Kitchen

I just do not know why these Chefs in Hell’s Kitchen cannot properly cook scallops.

In this most recent episode, aired 1/19/17, Paulie, a Chef I have not liked since the beginning, again served raw scallops.

Do you know how expensive scallops are?

Moving on, the show began with a match up on who could prepare the best chicken. Heather, it would turn out, prepared the best chicken and for a reward she would be staying at a fancy resort in Las Vegas.

Heather was allowed to take another contender with her. She chose Heidi.

That night in Hell’s Kitchen was a mess.

Each chef was given a chance to serve as sous chef under Ramsay.

Kimberly practically broke down in tears from the stress.

Paulie, of course, served raw scallops.

Two were nominated for elimination and, indeed, two went home.

Paulie and Kimberly were nominated by the five remaining black chef jackets and Ramsay sent both of them home.

Left to continue the competition are Ryan, Heidi, and Heather.

Right now I put the order of finish as Heidi in third, Ryan in second and Heather as winner.

Ryan, however, could pull out a win as well.

Only two more episodes of Hell’s Kitchen Season 16.

We will be watching.


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