The Bachelor Season 21 continues on with Nick Viall as confused as us viewers.

There’s always drama in this series which is, after all, a romantic competition. Nick Viall, the Bachelor who tried four times, seems headed to yet another disaster.

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Contender Overview

Goodness I cannot begin to tell you is left by this most recent episode of The Bachelor. It was down to 22 contenders at the end of the last episode and now I count 18. But I checked with several sources, including independent Bloggers like myself and everybody had different counts.

Below is the current crop of contenders as I have calculated.

Danielle M
Jasmine G
Danielle L

This episode, aired on 1/16/17 began with a Rose ceremony. There was not one last week because Nick sent home Liz, a contender with whom he had been intimate at Jade and Tanner’s wedding, Jade and Tanner from Bachelor in Paradise.

Liz didn’t want to give Nick her phone number at the time so Nick moved on. Now this Liz shows up as a contender for Nick’s heart and come on…I’d have sent her packing too.

It was then time for a group date and it was interesting. The Back Street Boys showed up and yes there was a group dance with the chosen group date attendees as backup dancers and Nick, of course, was the star.

Danielle L. got the group date rose for this event.

Hailey, Lacey and Elizabeth were sent home this episode.

Then there was the one on one date and Nick chose Vanessa. Vanessa is 29, hails from Canada and seemed to have connected very well with Nick during that one on one date that had them both seem very attracted to one another.

The episode ended with the viewers hearing all the complaints about Corrine, a young, but very wealthy woman, with her own Nanny, even at age 23.

Corrine is a spoiled but beautiful contender, or at least she is scripted as such. She even slept on the Rose ceremony of the night because she had already received her rose on a prior group date.

Vanessa, who, again, seemed to have quite a connection with Nick, something this viewer certainly noticed.

Vanessa told Nick that if he was going to give Corrine a rose at the next rose ceremony that he might as well not give her one.

That statement did cause Nick’s eyes to open wide in alarm.

But the episode ended and we’ll all have to come back next week and see if Corrine gets another rose from Nick and how Vanessa will handle it.

Join us next week when we will continuing analyzing and dissecting the contenders for Nick Viall’s heart.


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