It’s the Second episode of Celebrity Apprentice, Season 8 and the products being promoted are awful.

So two of the worst grocery products….ever….are presented on this episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Tune in to see what you should not eat or drink.

Celebrity Apprentice 2017 Contender Overview

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Let us begin by noting that this is only this humble Blogger’s opinion as to the foodstuffs featured on this episode of Celebrity Apprentice. But hey, it’s a free country so let me mock.

First, Welch’s grape juice?

The task was to create an 8-10 minute presentation putting Welch’s grape juice as the reason for all good things that happen to us in our lives.

Or something like that.

Laila, daughter of Mohammed Ali, and Chael -a fighter, were appointed Project Manager’s of the two teams. Laila declared that though she learned how to use the boxing ring, that she was trained as a dietician. Not at all sure why Chael made PM.

The men decided to do a talk show while the women decided to do a cooking show.

The men put a container of grape juice-Welch’s, of course, under each audience seat.

The Welch people thought the men did not reach out to the audience enough. They preferred the women’s presentation was much more positive for the product.

It’s not that I vehemently dislike Welch’s grape juice, goodness. It’s just that I would NEVER drink grape juice of any kind.

But if I did, I would probably drink Welch’s.

Below a couple pics of the grape juice presentations.

The women won this challenge and Eric Dickerson was sent home. Eric was not on site during the last episode and he seemed lackluster about participating in this series. Ahnold terminated him.

The next challenge of the episode had the teams preparing presentations along the lines of the Welch challenge. Only this time for a product I really do not like.

Because the WORST bread in the world would be King’s Hawaiian bread although they sure spend enough money on commercials. If you keep throwing your product, rather cutely at times, in front of the public eye, well people might think it tastes well.

I also add that this challenge on Celebrity Apprentice this night was NOT for the King’s Hawaiian air-filled, tasteless bread product. It was for, get this, a new product put out by King’s….BBQ SAUCE!

I have never tasted King’s BBQ sauce but if it’s like their bread it will be watery and with no taste. But I do not know this.

Anyway, sweet but pathetic Nicole was chosen by the women’s team as Project Manager and she was really lost.

Talk show host Matt Iseman was chosen as Project Manager of the men’s team. Goodness knows why.

The King’s Hawaiian people thought the men made good use of their celebrity.

The women’s team, on the other hand, did an awful job. Their first video was kind of clever, showing a party attendee double-dipping the King’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce, showing how tempting it is. But their second small video made no sense.

Project Manager Nicole-also known as Snooky so right there is a clue, brought Lisa and Porsha back into the board room.

Ahnold terminated Nicole, as well he should have.

So we’re keeping tabs and out of a starting field of 16, 12 are left. Come back weekly and we shall keep updated.

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