It’s Episode 3 of Project Runway Junior Season 2. Avant Garde it is

Couple of the young ones on Project Runway Junior get in spat and Tim Gunn saves the day. It’s an AVANT-GARDE challenge, which means all clothes look like spacesuits.

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So Tim Gunn pounces on the runway in episode 3 of Project Runway Junior. Only he was disguised as a Fencer, white outfit, face mask and sword.

The fashion challenge on this episode would have the contenders create avant-garde outfits influenced….heh…EN GARDE!

First, Avant-Garde means, like, something like “fashion forward”. Which means, I define after years of watching Avant-garde runway shows, that the clothes all look like they are from outer space and no sensible human being would wear them.

Throwing another challenge into the pot, the challenge would involve forming teams.

This is when the first problem began.

Hawwaa and A’Kai, both absurd names, were partnered. A’Kai is just a child in my opinion, while Hawwaa is some kind of Muslim/Native American weirdo with little talent as I see it.

A pic of their outfit below:

There was nothing but nitpicking and not talking as A’Kai and Hawwaa made that monstrosity above. A’Kai wanted some kind of full skirt thing while Hawwaa came up with that bizarre collar thing.

The judges deemed it the worst of all submissions and of the two contenders on the project, it was A’Kai who was sent home.

However, Tim came in after the critiques and saved A’Kai as he is allowed to do once per season. Tim said he would also have saved Hawwaa had she been sent home by the judges.

I would have sent them both home.

Below is the outfit designed by Rene and Chris, deemed one of the bottom two by the judges.

Of course it’s not half as ugly as A’Kai’s and Hawwaa’s mess but it had just the ugliest human heart somehow embroidered on it, uglier than ugly.

Cartier and Izzy created the outfit below. Boring but they survived the week.

Below is the design of Allie and Chelsea and the judges loved it. Indeed I think it is fetching, for an avant-garde creation. It looks kind of like a Star Wars thing to me but it would certainly draw comments to anyone daring to wear the thing.

Finally, below is the winner of this Project Runway Junior’s Avant-garde challenge, designed by Mollie and Tieler.

Not that anybody wanting to keep warm would wear that coat but it was carefully constructed.

Tieler just won another challenge creating some kind of dress made from turf, an unconventional materials item.

Somebody to look out for.

Anyway, we’re moving on. Come back next week and we’ll provide more snark, gossip and opinions.

Come back weekly and we will be covering this show with a little snark and sarcasm added.


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