Bachelor in Paradise- The 2016 series begins and bad, bad Chad comes back.

Lots of drama in paradise but by me it’s obviously scripted. For Chad attacks the handicapped in Bachelor in Paradise, how pathetic is that?

Bachelor in Paradise ABC site

The identical twins have returned along with other interesting former bachelor/bachelorette characters

Now lookit, just between yon reader and I….for please do not tell the naïve who watch this show, or this type of show, and believe all they see what’s happening on the screen is….eh, somewhat played up.

Because here’s somebody, some camera man, some human being, filming Chad…bad,bad Chad, as he practically rapes Lace and calls the one-armed girl, Sarah, a “one-armed bitch”.

Surely, as we know from the reality of it, that the camera man would surely throw down his device and save Lace from a rape and/or hush Chad from endless profanity. Right?

So Chad kind of shoves Lace around, Lace being a contender for Bachelor Ben’s heart during his season. Lace’s claim to fame is drinking a bit too much and getting tossed by Ben very early into his season.

And so Lace drinks some more in Paradise and now so does Chad and you got to ask, why bring back Chad?

I mean the guy was a problem during Jojo’s season, pushing other guys around , allegedly addicted to steroids and a protein-eating freak.

Of course they bought him back because, hey, you got to have some drama on the show. Below, one-armed Sarah.

On the recent episode Chad acted like a jerk and everybody’s complaining and I ponder….WHERE IS CHRIS HARRISON? Why is the guy filming all this not stopping all the horror?

Cause it’s part of the scripting, that’s why.

Meanwhile, Jubilee, a sweet thing who was a real strange bird who insisted that Bachelor Ben stop doing what he’s doing and pay attention to her, until Ben had to send her home in the middle of the show. So Jubilee gets a date card and asks Jared for a date and Jared accepts.

It would turn out that Chris Harrison did have a group confab with all the contenders. Chad, as is his wont, was cavalier and sarcastic.

After a big blow up, Chris Harrison had Chad leave. Judging by next week’s previews, there’s excitement to come, all involving bad, bad Chad.

The viewers must really love this guy.


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