Food Network Star-Season 12, Episode3 -Contenders take a road trip.

The show concept is taking food on a road trip. We begin with taking pics of food, creating original road trip dishes, and doing a promo.


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This was one of the more enjoyable Food Network Star episodes I watched in a while.

The contenders seem like a good collection, the scripting is very good, the show flows.

For episode 3, aired this past Sunday 6/5/16, the contenders began the challenge by being assigned a common phrase with the task to be creating a picturesque dish that suits the name supplied.

For example, Rob got a phrase “cold hearted cake” and he created a pancake in the shape of a heart.

Okay, so it was a stretch.

Quick rundown:

Erin-For heaven flakes-she created a pastry pinwheel star

Damiano-“Hot or not”-he created a cake with smoke coming out.

food6.7.16mounteverzestTreygay was the winner with her creation of a bundt cake carved like a volcano filled with lobster bread pudding for her “Mount Everzest” challenge.

Yaku got “Crab appeal” and right there I like it. He created a crab salad.

Ana got “Carved for Attention” and she created a cuban sandwich with an opening like a little TV set. Well maybe food6.7.16carvedforattentionyou had to be there.

food6.7.16betteroffbreadMonteray got “Better off Bread” and she created some sort of brioche toast combination that nobody knew what it was.

Joy got “Batter up chicken” and She created her stellar chicken and waffle dish which the judges loved.

Jenard got “Sea and be seen” which did have him putting scallops in a martini glass. However, the judges did not get the connection thus this dish was not tested and could not win.

Martina, a returnee from a prior Food Network Star, got “Meat Me Halfway” and, alas, she concocted yet another tortilla that the judges could not connect with the phrase.food6.7.16martitadish

The elimination competition involved the contenders forming teams, which Treygaye got to form for her winning of the preliminary challenge.

food6.7.16treygayeactsillyTregaye chose Yaku and each team was assigned the challenge of creating a promo for their show “Road Trip” . The teams were also assigned the task of creating a dish appropriate with the road trip they are taking, said road trip assigned to each team. The teams were also given some ingredients that they HAD to use in their dish.

Tregaye and Yaku were assigned a trip to the fair. Yaku created a great fried steak entry. Tregaye’s promo with Yaku did not come off so well.

Erin and Damiano were assigned a camping trip. The team created, oddly, somegnocci, odd for a camping trip. Erinfood6.7.16gnocchi created some kind of Smores type of food, perfect for a camping trip.

Rob and Monteray were going to the beach and had to create a food having potato chips and salt water taffy. Monteray created a nice home made ice cream but her potato chip cookies did not work and the judges were disappointed.

Martita and Ana, an odd combination, were going on a trip to Grandma and as some might consider appropriate, they had to include prunes and chicken noodle soup. Ana, a contender probably not long for this show, created a great meat dish.

Martita, whom much was expected from as a former contender, created the boring and same old tortilla variation.

Martita was sent home on this episode.

Joy and Jenard were on a road trip to the Lake house. This team created a low-country boil with crawfish and corn, with a garlic grilled cheese fried up by Jenard. This team was the winner.

Do not watch this show if you are slightly hungry!

This was a good episode. Come back next week and we’ll be making some preliminary winner predictions.

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