Sussex family court gives daughter six more months to kill me.

With permission from the Sussex county family court, daughter begins the job of killing me during the six month extension they gave her. I got proof nobody can deny her evil intent, PICTURES!

Below the links of my prior three posts on elder abuse aided by the Sussex county family court, in the order I posted.

HERE-she gets bogus PFA renewed

HERE-how it begins

HERE-more horror as abuse of me goes on.

HERE-family court gives daughter six more months to kill me

So daughter, two days before the prior PFA was to expire, and what I hoped, stupidly, was the end of the nightmare.

I was a good girl these past twelve months, Jesus. I did not sit out on my front porch one time so she wouldn’t see me. I sat out on my back deck, lonely and miserable, denied my granddaughter, who at the time lived with daughter but no more as daughter lost custody.

Even though the family court magistrate said granddaughter was in no way part of the PFA my 258 pound daughter got on my 172 pound self with quadruple bypass 7 years ago, 50% blood flow in legs, no prior mental illness history and never having committed one single crime, not even a speeding ticket….daughter kept my granddaughter from me.

For two miserable months granddaughter was kept locked up with her crazy mother in the house my daughter would eventually destroy. Sure I could have taken it to some kind of custody court….family court? Well they already hate my elder self and allow my daughter to lie and abuse me so I figured they were no help.

Daughter knew denial of my granddaughter would be one more burden on my heavy and saddened heart. So she took it upon herself to keep her from me.

Eventually daughter, as is her wont, went into the mental hospital, probably needed more money to swindle out of the mental patients and let’s not discount daughter’s love of institutions where life is fun, no dogs, no daughters, no mothers….no husbands.

Son-in-law filed for, after a year and a half abusive PFA’s against him and several silly arrests, for custody of granddaughter and of course he got custody.

NOBODY KNEW WHERE DAUGHTER WAS. Nobody ever knows where daughter is when she takes vacations in the mental institutions.

So the year goes by, I am a good girl, except daughter set up the dog, read the links above, and two days before the one wrongly burdened on me last year was to expire, daughter managed to get a new one!

See the pic below.

This is a screen pic of a text message sent by my daughter the DAY OF this hearing in family court. The text message was sent to her estranged husband. The retort is from son-in-law who knew that daughter was lying. Son-in-law has custody of granddaughter and it would require HIM to keep granddaughter from me.

Daughter lying, lying, lying.

“It seems that the judge listened to us when we first got back together and we both agreed that my Mom was the problem. The PFA for my Mom included Kaitlyn this time”.

Say what?

That PFA DID NOT INCLUDE KAITLYN….why is she lying to keep me from my granddaughter? See the note below, her handwriting, from another Blog post, where she tells me to have a good time with Kaitlyn.

letter 2

Why is she doing this and what does this have to do with me causing daughter any danger?

Is there nobody out there than can MAKE HER STOP THE ABUSE?

Ask my granddaughter. She desperately wants to see me. I have never hurt that child, not that I ever hurt my daughter either.

But this extension of a bogus PFA did NOT include Kaitlyn and that’s easily provable.

And so the Sussex family court gave daughter six more months to kill me and she begins that task THE SAME DAY!

Nobody sees this as a form of abuse?

I am done with my posts for a while. All links will be in each post and I will re-post them regularly to make sure my plight is not overlooked.

For the lies and torture are not fair and got to stop.

I am desperate.


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