Elder Abuse Continues On With the Help of Sussex County Family Court-More Horror

Here is how the bogus PFA my daughter got against me in Sussex family court  is being used to kill me. WITH PICTURES THAT WILL SHOCK!

Below are links to my stories of how elder abuse and how the Sussex county family court promotes this. Now we explore just how horrible this unfairness has been to me, how it’s definitely an attempt to make me die young, how my daughter is trying to kill me, do not ignore or mock me.

HERE-she gets bogus PFA renewed

HERE-how it begins

HERE-more horror as abuse of me goes on.

HERE-family court gives daughter six more months to kill me

First of all, let us establish the basics. I am 66 years old, had quadruple bypass seven years ago, have 50% blood flow in my left leg. I have never spent one minute in a mental institution of any kind and have never committed a crime….EVER….not even a speeding ticket.

Daughter is four inches taller me, age 39 and twice my size. She has spent over 25% of her life in mental institutions and she committed the crime of elder abuse, destroying the home I bought her, ripping out the appliances and selling them. There is, or will soon be, a warrant out for her arrest.

And yet the family court of Sussex county PUT A RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST ME FOR WHAT? Saving a suffering dog and responding to an ambush by daughter accusing me of killing my husband and trying to kill her and my granddaughter. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read the above links.

I am going to be contacting the Delaware Attorney General’s office, on the advice of some of my elected representatives, thank you guys for being patient with me. They have an office of elder abuse and they need to know that there are evil spawn out here that methodically try to destroy their elderly parents, THIS one using the family court to do so and I know this is awkward in that the Attorney General, are they in charge of Family courts?

I will ask the AG’s office of elder abuse to have the family courts look into allegations by a younger and much bigger child of abuse by the elder who couldn’t hurt that person if they tried.

Let me tell you how this PFA of now over a year tortured me. It was highly unfair and let’s not forget that daughter tortured her husband for over a year….same way, surreptitiously taping him and playing it for family court.

Daughter also lost custody of her daughter….WAS THIS WHAT THE FAMILY COURT WANTED??

Now she has destroyed the house I bought her, ripping out the appliances and selling them, defacing the walls, allowing dogs to suffer alone in the house for weeks….AND YET I AND SON-IN-LAW, STRUGGLING TO GET BY, ARE THE BAD GUYS??????

When that family court magistrate pronounced me guilty and I was to have no contact with my daughter for year, it crushed me. And yon reader has got to read how daughter teased and tortured me with no danger to her, I GOT PICTURES!!!

First of all, like I said, I have never committed a single crime, NOT EVER, in my life. I do not even have a speeding ticket….NOT EVER.

Having this restraining order put on me was like beating me with an emotional baseball bat.

But of course that was daughter’s plan, of course it was. I have lived here since 2003, active in my church, active, slightly in local politics. I am active in social media, witness how now I am desperately trying to get attention to my terror using this same social media.

Point being that I am not a damn danger to anybody but daughter knew she has to have a way to hurt me so bad that I’d sob deep into the night.

Let’s not forget that when I bought her that house the plan was, as these sorts of plans are made all across the fruited plains, that she, and her husband who she had not destroyed at the time, would help me with the help I needed.

I am not all that healthy yon Attorney General. My sister had major stroke at age 64. Father died at age 64. I had a quadruple bypass seven years ago.

All daughter has to do is be patient, watch me struggle to handle heavy objects, deal with lawn issues….without her help as SHE WANTS ME TO DROP DEAD!

It would be so much easier for her if I would just die. Because the house she destroyed, and destroyed ME financially, is in BOTH of our names, and she wants the money.

If I die, she gets ALL the money.

Obviously she does not want the house. She destroyed it! She went on the radio and said she wanted to move. She told the magistrate at family court that she hated that house.

Does that give her the right to destroy it?

Readers, I have suffered this past year and daughter added to the suffering, look at the below.

front letter 1

letter 2.jpeg

These are notes, in HER handwriting, being all nicey-nice to me. She did this during the entire time of the PFA because this is how these things work.

Below is a copy of the police report of her ripping out and selling the appliances in the house I bought her.




If the person on whom the restraining order is made should contact the person who made the restraining order, THAT person goes to jail.

If the person who made the restraining order should contact the person on WHOM the restraining order was place….well that’s okay.

So if I respond to these notes she writes SHE CALLS THE COPS AND I AM ARRESTED!

She kept sending me these sorts of notes all year. She was hoping that I would fall for her nice words so she could have me arrested. She did this to my son-in-law for a full year and a half and I did learn my lesson from what happened to him.

She’d call me up on holidays….like my birthday, and wish me a happy whatever. This was not because she loved me and regretted her action of keeping me from her. No. This was to hurt me and nothing less.

Who knows, if she hits the right time I might just drop dead of a heart attack and this is what she wants.

All with the help of the Sussex county family courts.

Look at those notes she wrote once again. Does this look like a child scared to death of her ageing mother? Yes, I paid the electric, cable and cell phone bill for a whole year, I don’t know why, because I am very, very dumb.

So if this is not elder abuse, I will say to the attorney General, THEN WHAT IS?

I have, this past year, spent nights, deep and late, with a black pit in my stomach, from the fear, from the hurt.


She’s either going to force me to do it by crippling me financially or scaring me to death.

Finally, just so reader knows, my daughter….there’s a reason she does not want that house, why she never wanted it.

As for her desire to kill me, perhaps yon reader might think it a stretch. But daughter hangs around, and cheats and swindles, from mentally deficient people. It would be small matter for her to convince one of them to somehow harm me. I’d like to think that my blaring this so publicly might prevent this but next, she’ll burn down that house so she can collect half the insurance money. Best of all would be to burn it down with ME in it.

And I have no doubt she will try.

Daughter wants to live in an institution. All her life she’s lived in institutions. Yeah, they release her from time to time but she’s addicted to hospitals and sympathy and for now you’re just going to have to watch Dr. Phil or read the BOOK I WROTE!

Cause this is not the first time she has tried to kill me.


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