Another look at how the Sussex county family court promotes elder abuse

How it All Began….or How I Got Blindsided by Evil

I’d written a post about elder abuse with a quick synopsis of an extension of a PFA my daughter got against me when she should never even have gotten one the first time.

HERE-she gets bogus PFA renewed

HERE-how it begins

HERE-more horror as abuse of me goes on.

HERE-family court gives daughter six more months to kill me

It began in early 2015. My daughter, who then, almost normally, lived in the house I bought her across the street from me, with her husband and daughter, who was then 10 years old. Granddaughter went to Georgetown elementary school and was a star in my church’s Christmas production. Son-in-law was happy but he didn’t have his driver’s license and could not work any kind of steady job. Sure he should have had a driver’s license but cut me some slack, I did everything possible to stay out of their business.

Daughter would come over and play recorded telephone conversations she had with son-in-law. I don’t know how she recorded them or even why. Yeah, at times he sounded a bit snarly in the conversations but I had no idea why she was recording him or for what purpose. At times she would deliberately give him some of her crazy drug, Clonopin, and she would record him all high.

One day daughter called me up. “He has been kicked out and is not allowed to come back,” daughter told me, referring to son-in-law. Well I was just shocked. Yes, daughter expressed an unhappiness in her marriage but what woman doesn’t from time to time? She’d been married then over ten years and while she’d often moan about her husband, she always took his defense if I questioned an action of his.

Still and so if daughter were this unhappy that she was living with a man who abused her, than of course I was on her side.

For the next several months daughter was constantly fighting with son-in-law. He was, of course, emotionally crippled. He had no idea this was coming and frankly, neither did I. For the most part I kept out of it but my halo will blind nobody. She was my daughter. She alleged the man was abusing her! She even got the Sussex county family court to declare son-in-law an abuser. Well that settled any doubts I had.

Over the weeks I began to notice something odd. Daughter was driven, driven with a mentally unhealthy manner, to beat the living hell of this now estranged husband.

“Mom, Joe is going to jail,” she’d tell me, this after him living away for eight months and doing not a single thing wrong. What was her obsession with putting the father of her child in jail? Daughter arranged to have granddaughter dropped off at some special place in Georgetown. Granddaughter met her father at another location as the Georgetown people arranged. It was just the oddest thing. This woman, my daughter, not that I’m proud of that, all of a sudden was acting out of her mind. Son-in-law was, as I have always thought, a most wonderful father. I could name ten adjectives, not good ones, to describe my son-in-law….but can’t we all? Don’t we all have wonderful children that, if embroiled in a decaying marriage, are married to low-lifes?

I figured daughter had a reason to hate son-in-law so but damn it was the meanest thing I ever watched.

Daughter was living across the street in the house I stupidly bought her. She lived with granddaughter and every single day it was drama. My head ached from the constant angst and I just don’t think I can begin to tell the story of the ovaries, the posting of ultrasounds on Facebook or even begin to dip into daughter’s crazy past here except to say I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT IT!!!!

How many mothers are so driven to an insanity they witness in their own child that they sit down and write a book? Copyrighted in 2005 but daughter made me stop publication and right there yon reader stop and wonder why she cared. For her shameless deceit and trickery as an adolescent was detailed in the form of a fictional character. I got two more printed copies but my intellectual copy is stored on my hard drive and I’ll give the things away. Can send it by email. Maybe more on the book later, for it is a most delightful book.

She says modestly.

Then daughter began acting weirdly to me. This after several really strange things she kept doing, like bringing in Becky the Goth who was, I assumed, to become nanny to my granddaughter. Daughter is one of the laziest people on this planet, let me not mince words. And since I feel forced to reveal the sordid story of my life so publicly because let’s not forget the damn radio show, let me continue on.

Becky would call me up and tell me daughter took her journal and I figured Becky, a rather nice young woman I thought but not quite right, was making this up. Who would steal a person’s journal for goodness sake? Her mother is still my friend on Facebook, sorry friend, but Becky showed up at that family court and lied along with daughter.

Then daughter gets this entire family of people come live with her. The family was the mother and father of one of granddaughter’s friends in school. Daughter was about to go into Kent county General I think for cancer run amok through her body, into her eyeballs, up through her mouth, inside of all toes. For daughter is a Munchausen patient and should she have a sore throat, which she probably gave to herself, it becomes late-stage cancer and the world must stop and pay her homage.

Sarcasm. It becomes me.

Son-in-law, God bless, was going out of his mind because daughter was having him arrested every single day, sometimes for breathing, sometimes for untied shoes. And he couldn’t get visitation with his daughter (my granddaughter) and he was hurting. He’d been emotionally crippled enough by the ambush of my daughter, but to be denied his child. Of course he owed back child support and daughter spends life swindling and cheating people out of money she got son-in-law to pay up.

Well yeah, of course son-in-law should have been paying his child support. But it’s that age old question , do we punish the child, in this case my granddaughter, who really wants to see their other parent? At any rate, son-in-law paid up but even with that there were times that daughter just wouldn’t take granddaughter to the pick up spot. Sure he could take her to court for violation of custody agreement, and he did. But that takes time and meanwhile son-in-law has another empty weekend, denied his child. And I know granddaughter wanted to see him too.

Yeah, there’s a child mixed up in all of this. I will do my best to keep her in the background. She’s hurting so bad, I just know it.

Son-in-law would call me up, pleading on what was going on with my daughter and these strange people living in the house with her. And, indeed, I thought it very odd. It was granddaughter, granddaughter’s friend, the mother, the father and I think there was a small child. Daughter then had two dogs, a male and female.

Daughter explained to me that the Jones did not have the Internet in their home, that their older daughter was granddaughter’s friend, that they’d take care of the dogs saving me trouble while she was in the hospital with the fake cancer of the ovaries (you really GOT to read my book).

Whatever, whatever…my daughter can sell ice to Eskimos. It was only when son-in-law called me up and said “Pat, what the hell is going on over in that house?”

To which I promptly hung up on him because no way was I going to betray my daughter to this abusive man but I admired that he tried.

For an entire year son-in-law was tormented and mistreated, struggling to watch his daughter, knowing the house he’d moved into when he moved down here was being destroyed, knowing, as it would come to be, that it was now MY turn to be tortured and abused.

Man, I was a piece of cake. But I did learn a thing or two from son-in-law’s abuse.

Well I’d start with the radio show but it really doesn’t start there. But THAT little gambit was genius and illustrative of her evil genius. When this is all over I will apologize to the world for bringing such evil in the world.

As I narrated above, things were really weird over at daughter’s house. Adding to this, granddaughter was starting to act strange. I was practically supporting daughter. She gets a disability check of $617 (although there is not a thing wrong with her except she does not want to work….I suppose that’s a handicap)). I took $300 of the check to pay the cable, electricity and cell phone bill. The house has central air-conditioned. I also paid to fix the air conditioner-$1,200 plus I paid all the property taxes and homeowners’ insurance.

I am retired I might add, living on social security. I handled my money well and am fairly financially secure but daughter has destroyed a good deal of everything I worked for.

And she did it intentionally.

With malice and forethought.

She comes over to the house one day after a therapist visit. Daughter went to doctors at least three times a week, often four and five. Not to mention the trips up to Shepard Pratt in Baltimore and the time I had to pick her up at 4am in the morning at Beebee medical center.


“I know you are trying to kill me,” she screamed.

This after I greeted her warmly as she came into MY house.

All I can tell you is all hell broke loose and I didn’t know what hit me. She screamed that I killed Billy, my husband. She grabbed my medicine cabinet and says she was going to find the medicine that I was using to poison her and my granddaughter.

Of course, as is often the case, insert smile here, I was the picture of calmness and gravity.


I did not understand a word of what was going on. I was screaming for her to stop taking my furniture. I told her I loved her, I wouldn’t ever hurt her.

Finally, I called the police.

She keeps walking out of my house with the makeshift medicine cabinet, bulky thing, a cabinet supposed to hang on a kitchen wall. In our tussling, as I tried to stop her from taking the medicine cabinet, my face got all scraped up, blood was pouring down in front of me.

I begged her to stop. I was beside myself. WHY WAS SHE DOING THIS TO ME?

As she lugged the medicine cabinet across my front lawn my mind raced. I really didn’t want to stop her from, say, taking away the medicine cabinet. I wanted to stop her from her awful accusations, I wanted to stop saying I killed Billy.

But of course she knew what she was doing. She knew I would lose my mind and do something crazy.

As I’m trying to hold her back with my arms, she kind of dragged me across the lawn by pulling me. I thought of kicking her real hard in the calves of her legs but seriously, I worried I would really hurt her.

So I scraped my teeth across the top of her shoulder.

Well it was the only part of me that was free to do something, although I suppose I should have just let her go. It was that bit about me murdering everyone that got me upset.

Your mileage may vary if this should happen to you.

Below is a picture of the “wound” taken, BY DAUGHTER, on the day of the attack. This is very important cause wait till what I show you next.

The police did come and daughter, at some point, screamed “She bit me”.

It all went downhill from there.

Though the police asked ME if I wanted to go to the hospital in that my face was covered with blood. And nowhere in the police report is it mentioned that anybody got bit cause daughter had a plan, all was well in her mind.

The next day she calls the radio station.

Now why would she do this?

Who the hell calls a radio station with something like this.

The local DJ who took her call….well I know him. Let’s leave it at that.

At 6:30 am that morning I get a message from the DJ….

“Did you bite your daughter?”

Aw man, how tall is dumb that I agreed to be interviewed? But I thought it was kind of original and bear in mind that I’d spent the night prior filled with pain and hurt. My daughter, who I bought a house for and took her family to Disney World the year prior busted into my house and accused me of murdering my beloved husband and trying to kill her and my granddaughter.

My daughter is very nuts but she’s clever nuts. She’s nuts in that manner that she can fool everybody, especially me. I figure, well maybe if I talk to her on the radio it would be a unique way to talk to a nutty person.

That was one of the top five dumbest things I ever did in my life.

Below, in case your life is so boring you got nothing better to do, is the link to that phone call.

You have to copy and paste but like I said….it will allow you to open it or save on computer.

So to those of you who might say this is all personal…..not so much. My daughter made it public, please note.

It wasn’t that the radio call was so bad, although it went on for some 20 minutes or more. But I did admit on the air that I “bit” my daughter and that was my daughter’s big moment.

She filed for a PFA against me and the entire radio tape was played for the family court of no justice of Sussex county.

The magistrate took the position that I should have just let daughter take the damn medicine cabinet and quit fighting for it. And I suppose she was right.

But I dare anyone reading this, including that family court magistrate of no justice, to know what the hell you would do if your child suddenly burst into your home, starting grabbing your furniture, accusing of murdering everybody in the neighborhood.

Of course daughter had this all planned. She is evil. It is part of her plan to kill me.

So I got slapped with a year long PFA that daughter lied about all the hell over the place but man I should have had a lawyer. But again, I had no idea what happened in family court, I didn’t even know you could bring a lawyer.

I’m 66 years old, quadruple bypass 7 years ago, 50% blood flow in left leg. I have never spent one minute in a mental institution and never committed a single crime, not even a speeding ticket. Daughter is 39 years old and twice my size Lord she does love to eat.


Below is a picture of the bite wound a week after it happened. Notice those black marks that are bruised left from her fingers as she reached over her shoulder and mutilated the skin to make it look worse I must imagine.

Daughter knows how to mutilate herself, she’s done it all her life.

Magistrate says the bite mark shows scabs which means I bit her till she bled. I DID NO SUCH THING.

Look at the “wound” again, taken-BY HER- on the first day. It’s NOT bleeding. I did not CHOMP down on her. I scraped my teeth over her skin to desperately do something to stop her. Yet the mighty family court of no justice magistrate sees scabs from bites that never broke the skin, that never bled.


The Magistrate did stipulate, very emphatically, that my granddaughter WAS not part of the PFA and that I could her.

None of this was fair, none of it.

But here I am a year later and daughter has destroyed my house and once again the family court of no justice has made ME THE ABUSER!

That’s my problem, people. The system that is supposed to help people like me being heartlessly abused by their children is BEING USED AGAINST ME!


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