Click here for a shocking story of elder abuse.

So let us talk about this family court thing. It was on 5/26/16 at 9:00 am although my daughter showed up at 9:20 am while I showed up fifteen minutes before my assigned time, as the paper asked me to do.

HERE-she gets bogus PFA renewed

HERE-how it begins

HERE-more horror as abuse of me goes on.

HERE-family court gives daughter six more months to kill me

Her name was Kim Debonte and it’s probably a violation of the PFA to write bad things about her, but she is the dumbest female I ever met. And she positively hated me.

But they always do.

Still allow me, with the best of my writing skills, describe this case in as few words as I can. Then yon reader can describe.

Cause I got pictures and video so this way more than just verbiage. Let me describe to you the way she abused my constitutional rights and before you say it, yeah I should have had a lawyer. In my defense, this was but an extension of a PFA filed last year. THAT PFA was due to expire on 5/28/16 but thank God my daughter managed to get it extended as this part of her plan to take all my money, perhaps encourage an earlier death for me that I deserve. I did NOT get a notice about this case via summons as I did the original. Sure it came in the mail but something really wrong with that. Anyway, in five days no way could I get a lawyer up to snuff on this case and whatever the hell it is with lawyers in this town, you got to give them three months freaking notice.

Let us establish, just because I can and this is still America and we still have free speech, my credentials. I have never spent one second in a mental hospital in my 66 years of life. And get this, I have NEVER committed any crime, not even speeding, in my 66 years. I raised daughter on my own when her father died when she was three. I NEVER got any notice of any abuse of her of any kind during her childhood, indeed I’d argue that she led a charmed life but hey, she is a mean and nasty person so I guess I did something wrong. Finally, for background, note that raising her during adolescence was horrible and how many mothers do you know sit down and write an entire book about their child’s childhood so that someday somebody could know that this was an odd situation?

 photo attentionpleasecover_zps5mpv4zy3.png


Daughter, meanwhile, has spent about 25% of her life in mental institutions, including three months last year, August, September and most of October 2015. In the family court I pointed this out because bear in mind that I allowed son-in-law to break the glass to save a dog and this extended absence was part of the problem. Because when daughter goes into the mental institution, about 3 months a year on average, there is no way to verify if she is, indeed, in the facility. So son-in-law calls up and can’t find out, bearing in mind he also has custody of granddaughter. Deep into the night I hear dogs barking, sad, despondent, I ached. At this time daughter left TWO dogs in the house, alone, lonely, scared.

As for her assertion that she had somebody coming in to take care of the dogs, please look at the video below. It says it all.

Understand that the above video was taken back in October 2015 but anybody who says this is taking care of dogs is just wrong. Daughter’s husband came and got the dogs and he says it took two weeks to rid them of fleas. Oh yes, that time there were TWO dogs but daughter, as is her wont when something’s too much work, got rid of one dog, the younger one, named Hope. “Never give up Hope,” her and granddaughter used to say but she gave Hope up. Too much work.

At some point in time my son-in-law had a problem with taking care of Cookie, the mother of Hope and yet another dog daughter had abandoned. And let me say this softly, my son-in-law, he’s a good guy, not without his faults but like me, mostly an ordinary person struggling to survive. He now has custody of their daughter because like Cookie and Hope before her, daughter lost custody of her own child. With daughter so very mentally ill, son-in=law hoped that taking care of Cookie would give her company and help him out as for the time being he was unable to keep her. I have two dogs myself and could not possibly take in another. In fact, one of my dogs is Cookie’s daughter, Hope’s sister.

Yes, I love Cookie very much. To lay in bed at night and hear her desperate hoarse barking as she was left alone and no doubt lonely, broke my heart.

So in April daughter once again goes into the mental institution, or somewhere, I know not where, nobody ever knows. In this horrible court hearing daughter shouted “What difference does it make where I was?”

Well when she disappears for weeks at a time, leaving a property that we share in name, I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF THE PLACE! Let the grass grow to two feet, let damage be caused…..the county or state sends the notices to me. I must ask Magistrate Debonte if the PFA laws, abused by my daughter, are meant to force me to stand and watch my property be destroyed in front of my eyes?

Because the original PFA stated that I was to stay away from daughter, 100 feet, and also stay away from her residence 100 feet. Now 100 feet is not much distance but the prior magistrate who originally heard this case knew that our houses were within that very footage and she could not hardly demand we stay further apart.

But what defines a residence? A place where one resides, right? But if one is not at their address for almost three months, are they really residing there? And if so, who is responsible for cleaning up and maintaining the place? Finally, what if two dogs are locked up inside and suffering?

But never mind the reality, Magistrate Debonte said that I was NOT supposed to be in the house even though a)daughter had not been there in three months, b)two dogs had been left suffering inside and the place was filthy. Again, this is my property. I was not a danger to daughter, come on.

So comes April and daughter again is gone from home, nobody knows where. Deep in the dead of night I hear the lonely hoarse barking of a dog. Remember, I live across the street from daughter. I can hear this.

In family court daughter shouts that I left my dogs at home when I took her and family to Disney World (once again showing how dumb I am). Indeed my neighbor took care of my dogs, my very next door neighbor who only had to walk over in the morning, feed them, exercise them, and spend some human time with them. I paid her well and she did a great job.

Yon reader, take another look at that video above. My handling of my dogs during an absence in no way resembles the horror she put two innocent dogs through and my neighbor would happily testify to same.

In April 2016 Son-in-law calls me from Baltimore. Daughter is missing again. “Is the dog alone in the house?” he asks.

Since I am not allowed within 100 feet of house when, or so I thought, daughter was home, being that it was MY house as well as hers, but my friend Pat Momot helped me clean up the horror from the last time daughter left dogs alone. She too did not want to imagine dogs alone in that house and suffering. Bearing in mind, look at the video again, that is had that same dog-sitter would it be unreasonable of us to assume the dog caring duties were not so good?

Pat, who does not have a PFA against her but give my daughter time, the entire world shall be bound by a PFA, went over and knocked on the door. Pat figured if daughter was home that she would answer door and see HER, not me, the worst person in the universe who bought her daughter and family a house while she now is cheating me out of my life savings and possibly planning to kill me.

If that sounds a bit dramatic, well if you had told me last year my daughter would destroy the house I bought her, I wouldn’t have believed you. If you had told me last year my daughter would get PFA’s against me for breathing, I’d have scoffed. If you had told me last year my daughter would heartlessly leave her two dogs behind to suffer from fleas endlessly with no relief, well I might have believed that.

Still, I am not going to doubt what she is capable of and this is why I am writing this story. If something happens to me, yon reader, please make sure this tale is read by all who can seek me justice.

Yes, I believe she will possibly have me killed. No, I don’t think she’ll do it herself, but she hangs around with a lot of mentally unstable people, a situation she prefers as she swindles and steals from them. But if she is able to fool this Sussex county family court like she does, a mentally unstable person is a piece of cake.

Pat Momot did hear the dog bark so we knew the dog was inside, alone. Daughter also did not answer the door so we knew she was probably gone.

So son-in-law comes down, I give him key to door. Daughter deliberately locked the top lock on the front door, a lock she knew I did not have a key for. Son-in-law asked me if he could break the window. I told him yes.

Now THIS time I am not sure what the arrangements were to take care of dog but Cookie did seem to be in good shape and the house was not filled with dog feces. I think Cookie was alone for about a week but I am not sure. One thing I knew I would never do again was lay in bed at night and listen to the heartbroken sound of a lonely and abandoned dog.

Kim Debonte thought I was the worst person in the world. Although my daughter REMOVED AND SOLD ALL THE APPLIANCES IN THE HOUSE, note in the video above that there is a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, etc…..this is the first dog abandonment. Daughter tells family court magistrate that what with an open window and her missing dog (which she never asked to have back but of course not. She simply does NOT want the dog, don’t tell me not), she needed money to reside in a new place.

Say what?

She CAN’T FIX A DAMN WINDOW?!?! Bear in mind that this window was but a little thing, the top of the back door. Son-in-law only broke one pane but a couple other panes cracked. Daughter can be half owner in a house but can’t fix a window, cover it with plastic. SHE GETS TO SELL ALL THE APPLIANCES IN THE HOUSE-at a replacement cost of almost $10,000, PLUS MUTILIATE THE WALLS??? Take a look at the wall below and tell me how THIS is justified. Oh, and a few other pictures just to show what she did to the house I bought her.

 photo wallmelissahouse_zps8n9tpcdx.jpg

 photo melissahouseoven_zpscx1pmxnr.jpg
Note the missing oven and microwave. Also note what a nice kitchen it was until she destroyed.

missing oven

 photo melissahousefridge_zpsw5e4qspo.jpg
Note the missing refrigerator. Also laundry room, washer and dryer removed.

-missing fridge

This while her daughter lives in a basement in Baltimore with her father and while I am prevented from even fixing up the place.


It was not unreasonable for son-in-law and I to think the dog might be in danger. I mean it’s not like it never happened before, see the video I posted above. All in all I’d suggest that this time Cookie was not in any danger and seemed to be cared for, much like my dogs during the Disney World trip. Not that Magistrate Debonte wanted to understand the story. But how could we know this? Bear in mind that son-in-law was driving down from Baltimore, he has custody of their daughter which my daughter did not want, he had to get back home to get child ready for school, etc.

Kim Debonte gives me an extension of the original PFA for this.


Is this how this protection from abuse system is supposed to work?

Debonte very nastily said that I used the pronoun “we” when mentioning who broke the window. As if inferring that it was me and son-in-law together.

It was two days before that prior PFA was to expire. In the entire 12 months I followed all the rules, hiding on my back deck to avoid seeing her. But don’t my daughter, after putting her hand on a bible and swearing to tell the truth, says I was always looking at her, etc.

No I was not.

Kim Debonte believed daughter I must guess.

What I will see, I WAS NOT THERE WHEN SON-IN-LAW broke the window, not that I think it matters all that much in that I did give him permission. Kim Debonte found me guilty of something but I don’t know what.

In due course I will give the original PFA story and don’t forget the five million PFA’s she got against my son-in-law. There’s a guy who really suffered and now HE struggles to raise my granddaughter alone while daughter gets free legal help and the right to mistreat everyone.


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