It’s the Top Five on Dancing With the Stars 2016

It’s now Top Five on Dancing With the Stars 2016 and we’ve got the order of their finish, plus some gossip, so click on in.

ABC’s Web Site

I got all confused this week what with team dances and scores and on and on. There were individual dances and scores for same.

At this point in this show there are usually two that stand out as the top two contenders, usually with both dancers about even. It’s part of the allure of this competitive reality show.

Nyle is one of those top two dancers. He is deaf, and this week, there was dancing to silence, a nod to Nyle’s disability of deafness. Even Len admired the performance and Carrie Ann, of course, cried.

Antonio, a football player, and partner Sharna,danced a Viennese Waltz and scored 27 points, a high score for Antonio, who doesn’t really dance all that well. Antonio called it a “Vietnamese” waltz.


Former Full House star, Jodie Sweetin, and partner Keo, danced a Jive and SCORED A PERFECT SCORE! This is important based on what happened later.

Female Boxer Paige is, as I consider, the other top two contender beyond Nyle. Nyle has a slight edge because of the deafness but Paige is young, strong, pretty and fleet of foot. Paige and her partner Mark danced a Viennese Waltz and scored 28 points.

Speaking of perfect scores, ABC’s weather Reporter, Ginger Zee, and her partner Val danced an Argentine Tango and scored 30 points out of a possible 30 points.

Wanya and Lindsay danced a Jive. This duo ended up in the bottom three, along with Jodie and Antonio.

Each judge choreographed a dance for 2 teams each.

Team Bruno consisted of Keo and Jodie, along with Nyle and his partner. They danced a Tango and the weird thing about this dance was that had females dancing with females and males dancing with males. It was pretty, but odd.

Team Len danced a Samba and consisted of Ginger and Wanya. The judges loved this performance.

Finally Carrie Ann choreographed a Paso Doble for an almost perfect score of 29.

To my complete surprise, Jodie Sweetin was sent home. Either Wanya or Antonio, also in the bottom three, I would have thought would have been ejected before Jodie.

Anyway, we’re at the top five and I’ll chance a guess at how it ends:


Come back next week cause we’re watching.


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