Amazing Race 2016 down to three to win a million bucks.

Down to three teams and could the most hapless team of them all really pull this out? They paint, ride hover boards and visit a mockup of the planet earth on Amazing Race 2016

Amazing Race web site HERE

It’s been an exciting series, this 2016 season of Amazing Race. We had father/daughter, mother/son, some frisbee players, whatever that’s all about.

This week we had Tyler and Korey come in first place and they seem on mark to win this thing.

Probable winners for the 2016 season.

Last week the team of Burnie and Ashley came in second place for like the fifth time. Alas this team came in last this past episode and was eliminated.

Came in second place FIVE times, finally eliminated.

Matt and Dana are engaged but Matt….I’m begging you….re-think this marriage thing. That Dana is one nasty, nasty female.

Finally Cole and Sheri are mother and son and both kind of pathetic. But the hand of God is helping those two for twice they came in last only to have them be non-elimination rounds. This past episode they barely beat the team of Burnie and Ashley.

Mother and son team having lots of luck.

The teams went to Senzhen, China, a place called a “free enterprise” zone, which is interesting.

I’ve heard about this thing in China, part of a new effort to….heh, well make China a capitalistic, free country….what a concept!

The teams went to come kind of miniature earth place filled with icons of the planet. Sheri, Cole’s Mom, was really lost and that team fell far behind.

Half of the teams wait for the other team half to find icons of the planet earth.

Then the teams had a choice of either putting up some kind of cut up picture on a wall or riding around on one of those hoverboard things, which will soon be banned in America because people are just too stupid to use these things.

Sheri and Cole, of all people, chose this road blocks and not once, at least as shown on the screen, did either of them fall of that thing.

Ashley and Burnie get the bad news from Phil that they have been eliminated.

The ending is this competitive reality series is coming up and for now I’m going with Tyler and Korey to win this thing.

But with the way luck is for the mother/son team of Sheri and Cole it wouldn’t surprise me if they pull off a win.


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