Dancing With the Stars 2016 Down to 9 couples

ABC’s Web Site

The winning dancer announced here, eight weeks early. SHOCK…Judge Carrie Inaba cries!

It was “switch-up” night on this dancing classical competitive reality show. This means that the celebrity dancers switch their professional dancers.

Evidently this causes challenges at this point in the competition in that the dancers have probably gotten used to each others’ quirks, accents and pet peeves.

You couldn’t tell this by the quality of the dancing, however. There are nine contenders left and they all did very well. While there still a few, the days of sixes and sevens judge scores are mostly behind.

Wanya and Whitney danced a Tango. His regular partner is Lindsay. With Whitney he scored 30 out of 40. Wanya is a former Boys 2 Men singer

Cutie Kim, former star of The Facts of Life, danced with Ken, doing a Viennese Waltz, pulling one of the lower scores of the night, 28 points out of a possible 40. Kim is cute and always looks nice. She’s a mediocre dancer, at least at this point. But she’s a sweetheart.

Doug Flutie is a football star and, ahem, not one of your better dancers. I predict him to be the next to go. He and Peta danced a Tango and got 28 points from the judges.

Ginger Zee, weather person extraordinaire, danced with Mark Balais, Salsa, got got 32 judge points.

Antonio, another clumsy athlete, and Karina were the low scorers of the night, dancing a Cha Cha that garnered dancestars4.21.16antonioonly 26 points.

Paige is the woman boxer and with her switch-up partner, Sasha, she danced a Rumba and got 31 points.

Von Miller is a big guy, and at times it looks like he might end up being one of those galoot athletes that turn into ballerinas on this show. But he’s still a bit clumsy dancing a Jive with Lindsay, getting 29 points.

dancestars4.21.16nylesNyle DiMarco has to be the strange story on this season’s DWS series. For he’s deaf, comes from a family of deaf people, and he dances exquisitely. With his partner Sharna he danced a Vienesse Waltz. They scored the high score of the night, 37 out of 40. Judge Carrie Inaba cried. But the Carrie always cries, don’t she?

Finally, my granddaughter’s favorite, Jodie Sweetin from “Full House”, was the second highest score of the night, with 35 out of 40. Her and her switched partner Val danced a daring Paso Doble.

That deaf guy is bound to win this folks.

Please don’t tell anybody I said so. Takes away all the suspense.


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