Down to 9 on Dancing With the Stars 2016. Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife Sent Home.

One is a fighter, one tells weather, one sang as a “boy”. Nine left on Dancing With the Stars and we speculate on winners after this Disney spectacular.

ABC’s Web Site

It was Disney Night this week on Dancing With the Stars as the top ten danced in merry costume and to enchanted tune.

Indeed the night of 4/11/16 on ABC’s competitive reality show-Dancing With the Stars- was what this show is all about.

Sure it’s a bit vapid. Maybe not as vapid as The Bachelor/Bachelorette, two other shows I like, not that I’m proud of it. But it’s people dancing around the room wearing silly costumes and looking sexy.

We had Cinderella, Jungle Book, the Mermaid….I think the Frozen character was there. To add to the merriment, cartoon characters were periodically inserted into the actual dances. I loved it all.

Marla Maples danced a waltz and she scored 28 points out of 40. Let’s not be coy here, Marla was sent home this night but she was by no means the worst dancer. More on this later.

Antonio the football player danced something called “jazz”. This is new to me but Antonio pulled in 35 points, one of the high scores.

dancestars164.12.16nylesNyle and Peta did a samba and racked up 34 points, still up there. Nyle is deaf and because of this he must look to the fellow doing sign language translation for him. This makes it look like he’s watching himself on the big screen like they do at ballgames. Distracting if the viewer didn’t know better.

OMG Doug Flutie is the worst dancer left. He danced that jazz dance and seriously, this guy looked like Michael Jackson doing the Moonwalk. Only he was dancing a jazz. Heh. Flutie got 24 points, one of the lower scores of the night. Keep an eye on Flutie cause he’s next to go.

Kim Fields, that cutie from The Facts of Life TV show, always dances well and I look for her to be in the top five at the least. She danced a quickstep and brought in 32 points.

Another childhood star, Jodie Sweetin -and also my granddaughter’s favorite dancer, performed a cha-cha gaining 27 points, mid-point. Jodie starred in Full House.

Now here’s a burly football player doing a Viennese Waltz and darn if he don’t get 32 points! He was graceful despite his linebacker stature, God bless.

Ginger Zee, weather person for Good Morning, America, got the high score of the night with a Foxtrot bringing dancestars164.12.16gingerzeeher 36 points. Definitely one of the top ladies to watch. The other one we’ll discuss later.

Wanya, a singer with the group Boyz to Men-danced a samba and he and Lindsay and the gained 35 points. Wanya is the guy to keep eagle eye on.

Finally our favorite female fighter (who knew there was such a thing?) Paige VanZant danced a quickstep, got 36 points and hey, she the youngest and the fittest.

And probably the winner of this thing.


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