Dancing With the Stars Spring 2016 Culling Out the Lackluster. Who’s likely to win?

The strangest dance tune ever on Dancing with the Stars; one of the highest scores! Speculation on possible winners, click in for updates and some laughs.

ABC Dancing With the Stars Site


The theme was the biggest moments of the lives of the celebrity dancers and it was interesting.

This is one of my all time favorite competitive reality shows because….well I’m a woman and I like dancing. What’s not to love?

Ginger Zee is a meteorologist and when’s the last time you met a dancing weather person? She and her partner Val got 21 points for a modern dance celebrating the birth of Zee’s son.

Doug Flutie is a football star BUT, well he’s not such a good dancer. I see him going home soon. He danced a waltz with partner Karina, gaining 20 points from the judges.

Kim West is known widely for starring in Facts of Life. She could be a serious contender for this thing. She scored 22 points for dancing a Foxtrot to the tune of the Facts of Life song.

Von Miller, with partner Whitney danced a contemporary dance to gain 20 points. He’s mediocre but my experience is that athletes tend to get real good at dancing given time.

dancestars163.26.16marlamaplespfMarla Maples, former wife of Donald Trump and yeah don’t they mention this factoid every chance they can. Maples danced a Foxtrot to celebrate her daughter’s birth (with Trump as the father, of course) and she scored 21 points. Marla has talent. She should be in the top five.

Antonio Brown danced a Foxtrot with his kid! He too is a football player who got 20 points for his effort.

Paige Van Zant is, of all things, a female boxer. She complained of being bulled as a child, well weren’t we all? Anyway, SHE became the second youngest female fighter in the UFC. Paige dance a Paso Doble with Mark and score 23 points. She’s young, little, and knows how to move. I put her as a possibility to win this thing.

Jodie Sweetin was the star of Full House and she’s pretty light of step. She and partner Keo scored 23 points on a Foxtrot.

dancestart163.26.16mischabartonpfMischa Barton is now gone, having been voted out last night.
Barton is a Broadway star who I never heard of. Could be me but she seemed a bit….eh…”bitchy”…to me. She and partner Artem only got 18 for a samba.

Wanya and partner Lindsay performed the most….well I don’t know I can describe a waltz to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner but there you have it. They got the second highest score of the night-24. Wanya is a big guy, singer with the famous group Boyz To Men. He’ll be the big competition against Paige.

Nyle DiMarco is a male model, very handsome, and goodness, most of his family is deaf. Dancing while not dancestars163.26.16nyle DiMarcopfhearing the music must be very normal in that household. He and his partner Peta score the highest score of the night, 25, for a Tango.

I do see Nyle as winning this thing though go on, the winner of Dancing With the Stars IS DEAF?

God Bless America.

It’s a mystery, it’s funny, it’s colorful, there’s music, great animation….a top notch Disney movie. Click in to see why

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