Amazing Race 2016-Seven left as of 4/2/16

We have mother/sons and father/daughters/all kinds of couples, competing on this season’s Amazing Race. Tune in for updates.

I quite enjoy this show although I wonder what they are thinking when they give the contenders some of these challenges. This past week they had the contenders rolling dough or weaving rugs and it made me smile.

For now we will do a quick review of contenders left to compete and contenders who just left.

Below, those that are gone:

Gossip columnists Erin and Joclyn


The Benson Brothers


Marty and Hagan-mother and daughter


Best Friends Jessica and Brittany


Now for those still competing

Zach and Rachel-newlyweds


Dana and MAtt-engaged


Kurt and Brodie-Frisbee players-THAT’s WHAT IT SAYS!!


Tyler and Korey-Friends


Burnie and Ashley-dating


Scott and Blair-father/daughter


Sherrie and Cole-mother and son -well you got father/daughter so you got to have mother/son-right?


And so it continues on. We’ll be following this show every Friday night. Tune in shortly thereafter for my opinions which, with a couple of bucks, will get you a coffee at Wa

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